Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Under my Thumb

The Rolling Stones are highly underappreciated. Not by society, of course, but certainly by me - who didn't quite realize their awesomeness until I loaded pretty much every Stones track onto my iPod. Of course, I have a reason for that.

Jessica Bell and I have teamed up for the A-Z blogging challenge this year to talk about our musical muses - a band/artist or song that has inspired, or affected us in some way. Mick Jagger's influence came to me a little later in life.

A few years ago, I created a character named Jagger Valentine. Though her name has nothing to do with Mick, she owns the top spot on my list of favorite characters. She's kick-ass. She's fearless.

She's freaking cupid.

While each song will have a special place in Jagger's world. I'm saving a special plot for UNDER MY THUMB. My sister and I heard this track a lot growing up. It was one of my stepdad's favorites and brings back amazing memories.

Damn, that's an OLD video. LOL

Give it to me straight, is Under my Thumb one of your faves? What other "U" songs take you back...way back?

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- Dawn


  1. Hands down (sorry) this is probably the best U rock song there is. What was it, 1964? Other cool U songs are UMF by Duran Duran and Unacceptable by Bad Religion.

    1. Nice one, Jeremy :-P Also love UMF and Unacceptable. Great choices.

  2. I love me the Stones. Honkey Tonk Woman is one of my fave tunes from them followed very closely by this one. And I have got to check out Jagger Valentine's tale. I love, love that name.

  3. I like the Stones, but this song has always sounded like an abusive boyfriend talking about dominating his girlfriend to me, which is obviously not cool. I hope my interpretation doesn't ruin it for you!

    My fave Stones track is Symphony for the Devil, which was inspired by this great book, The Master and Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov.