Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Skid Row

Yeah, I know, I've mentioned SKID ROW already, back in my "I" post, noting I Remember You as one of my wedding songs. But I couldn't not tag them for my "S" post - I needed to point out one more song.

Jessica Bell and I have teamed up for the A-Z blogging challenge this year to talk about our musical muses - a band/artist or song that has inspired, or affected us in some way.

18 and Life definitely made its mark on me, and not just because the subject of the song is named Ricky. Sometimes this video still makes me cry.

In a society with increased bullying and violence, this song is still relevant.

We also live in a society of increased sexuality, but my other "S" musician proves that really, it's kind of always been there. SAMANTHA FOX was the first girl I've ever been jealous of. This poster hung in my now-husband's locker, taunting me (or so I thought).

In retrospect, I didn't have a right to say much. I had a few posters in my locker - and every week, I still tag a sexy muse avatar. 

Ironically, before I saw that poster in Jeff's locker, I'd been listening to this song - a lot.

So, which sexy "S" musicians rock your world?

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- Dawn


  1. Hehe, gotta love Samantha Fox. Skid Row ... well ... hmmm ... :o)

  2. I saw Skid Row twice in my younger years and again without Sebastian a couple years ago. It wasnt quite the same. Sebastian has always been one of my favorites but Bret Michaels was, and still is, my ultimate dream

  3. Skid Row - good choice. And yes, Samantha Fox was HOT.

  4. I like your Skid Row video. Nothing better than a sexy musician.My favorite was Jim Morrison. Too bad he's dead. If he were alive he'd be like sixty something but I bet he'd still be HOT!

  5. Hey, as I mentioned in your previous blog on Skid Row, this tune is my personal favorite. Now the song will be stuck in my head all day long...again.