Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amelia Xerces Duffy launches tomorrow in Brooks

Illustrator extraordinaire James Grasdal and I are heading to Brooks, Alberta tomorrow to launch the fifth book in the Chase Duffy education-adventure series published by the Alberta Canola Producers.

Yeah, maybe I say this about each book, but this story - and the amazing accompanying artwork - is my "new" favorite. I mean, take a look at the awesome cover!

We're launching at the Outstanding In Our Field event in Brooks, with more than 400 young readers in attendance. At every launch, I grow more proud of the creativity, collaboration and support that makes these books so special.

James and I are lucky to have a contract for 10 books thanks to the generous support from the Alberta Canola Commission Board of Directors and the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund.

So far, I've traveled to Saskatchewan to see the roots of Canadian canola, become friends with the inventor of the only Jet Fuel Funny Car to run on 100% canola biodiesel, hung out with Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk (who took 250,000 canola seeds into space!), created a mystery around some delicious canola-inspired recipes, and interviewed an entomologist that single-handedly curbed my fear of spiders. Pretty awesome gig, right?

Each week, I write a blog in the lead character's voice. Chase also has a Facebook page, an Instagram profile, and a Tumblr page. Plus, Chase writes daily tweets for teachers!

The Chase Duffy books are free for Alberta educators. For more information, or to purchase copies, please contact the Alberta Canola Producers Commission at 1-800-551-6652 or reception@canola.ab.ca.

Gotta jet! It's off to Brooks we go...

- Dawn

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Crossroads Blog Tour 2013

The "other me" is taking part in the creeptastic CROSSROADS BLOG TOUR, created by the awesome Judith Graves.

I'm so thrilled to join 20 creeptastic authors of young adult paranormal fiction on a tour that offers Crossroads headquarters.
amazing opportunities for readers. Not only can you learn about some pretty cool writers, you can WIN a Kindle, fully-loaded with more than twenty spooktacular reads. For full details and how to win, go to

This year I'm stoked to promote KILLER'S INSTINCT, the cool zombie tale I co-wrote with Judith Graves, launching later this month with Leap Books

Today, I'm hanging out with Amanda Ashby, Christine Fonseca and "Cricket" at the Little Library Muse Blog. Thanks for hosting, Cricket!

Don't forget to check out ALL of the participating blogger sites for a change to WIN one fangtastic prize - a fully-loaded KINDLE.

This week, I'm thrilled to meet you at the Crossroads.

- Dawn


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