Monday, June 24, 2013

New show, new muse

From Lisa Kudrow to Sarah Michelle Gellar, an actor playing different roles on one show isn't new - but perhaps no one has done it with such brilliance as Tatiana Marsley, the star of the BBC series Orphan Black.

Up until about two weeks ago, I knew nothing about Orphan Black - but hearing a steadily increasing buzz about the series, I opted to check it out. By episode three, it had quickly become one of my favorite shows of the season - maybe one of my favorite shows of all time. I know, high praise indeed.

Orphan Black didn't suck me in with eye candy - though this week's muse Dylan Bruce, certainly has my attention. It isn't even a series I thought I might like: cloning is generally a bit too sci-fi for my tastes. But the science fiction element is subtle, believable even, and anchored by stunning performances from one of the most ingenious actors I've seen in a long time. It's more than just being in several places at once - Tatiana gives each of her clones distinct personalities, accents, lives. It's mind-boggling!

The first season - only 10 episodes, gah! - centers around Sarah, a con artist and criminal who discovers that she is one of 9 clones. As if that isn't cool enough already, the storyline is full of awesome twists and turns, and moves at a breakneck pace, somehow without spiralling out of control. It's almost as though you've just started the episode before it suddenly stops, leaving you at the top of a giant cliff, where you, and the characters, are hanging on for dear life. If Orphan Black is an amusement park ride, I don't ever want to get off.

Except that I had to - because yeah, only 10 episodes. I whipped through those in two days, and now have to wait over a year (gack!) for season 2.

I've been latching on to a few BBC shows as of late, mesmerized by the quality, the gorgeous cinematography and the blunt storytelling style. I loved Broadchurch, Being Human, and The Killing. But I am obsessed with Orphan Black.

I've given myself a hard deadline to complete one of my WIPs - July 1 - before I launch into edits for Killer's Instinct, the creeptastic novel I am co-writing with Judith Graves. I've a lot of work ahead of me, but it isn't impossible. Especially not with Dylan Bruce in the role of muse avatar.

For the next week, I'm halting all TV binge watching, but when the ban is lifted, I'll be re-watching the first season of Orphan Black. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

- Dawn

Monday, June 17, 2013

Please Eric, aMUSE me all summer long

Kind of a no brainer, right?

I mean, I pretty much start waiting for a new season of True Blood as soon as the previous one ends - even when it gets a little off the charts with that whole "Billith" storyline. I'm still not sure how I feel about that - or a few other side stories (4 babies, Andy? Weird.) - but I do know this: Alexander Skarsgard is absolutely muse worthy.

This next week is the return of many things I'd abandoned for a month - the gym, everyday writing, date nights with handsome hubs. I've bogged myself down with the day job, fixing up the yard at the new place, and power watching a bunch of TV shows. (Have you seen Scandal? Watch Scandal. So good.)

But this week, that's all gotta change. My pants are fitting a bit tighter, and the voices in my head are shouting at me to get back to a couple of WIPs - not to mention the couple of new shinies I've pushed to the back of the TBW pile.

Yep, my 2013 New Year's Resolution goals are slightly off course. The return of Eric Northman to Sunday night must-watch TV seems like a good omen that things are heading back on track. Welcome back, Eric. You've been gone far too long.

Happy Monday!

- Dawn

Monday, June 3, 2013

An adrenalized muse

I want to write a movie that includes a long car chase.

Yeah, I know it's been done before. For sure six times in the Fast and the Furious franchise, which, by the way, is my guilty pleasure. I love Vin Diesel. I love Paul Walker.

I love fast cars.

Ever seen Gone in 60 Seconds with Nic Cage? Eleanor is my dream car (1967 Shelby GT 500) - I even have a model of her on my desk. Call her my daily dose of inspiration.

Back when I was a starving journalist, my dream car was a Toyota Celica. I had a picture of one taped up in my cubicle, and promised myself that when I met my first professional career milestone, I'd buy it. When I left journalism for a slightly more lucrative career in communications, I made it happen. She was blue, souped up (though that's a different story), and very, very fast. She shifted like a dream, and cornered like she was on rails... *sigh*

But, she was the crappiest car in the world for Alberta, where nine months of winter wreaks serious havoc on a low profile, adrenalized sports car. (Important note: I never hurt her, though she was broken into and my stereo stolen...) I sold her about six years ago, trading in speed for the "responsible" Alberta vehicle. An SUV.

Thus making my father - and my poor dog (who crammed herself into the front seat for road trips) - extremely happy. But even though I opted for the sportiest SUV I could find, I still think about my Celica.

Every day.

Especially in the summer when the hot rods hit the streets.

These days, I fuel that adrenaline rush hole through movies with cars. Preferably hot cars. Going fast.

Yeah, I get that Vin Diesel is not the best actor, and that if not for Paul's pretty boy looks, The Fast and the Furious franchise would appeal mostly to men. I know the plot is thin, and the dialogue is cliched (especially in this last movie!). But there's action.

Lots and lots of action.

And I likes that.

So someday - not today, not tomorrow, maybe not for a few years - I'm going to write a screenplay with a long, long, LONG car chase. And if Vin Diesel is still racing cars on screen, then heck, he can hop in the driver's seat and take me for a ride. (Please?)

Unless of course Ryan Gosling wants the role. Because even though I *think* I want to write something fun and frivolous like The Fast and the Furious, I probably really want to write something a little more like Drive.

I'd just give Ryan a much better looking car.

This week - and for the past two weeks - I've been revising an old project that my script agent requested, and getting ready for some ultra cool upcoming meetings - which means fresh word count is WAY down.

I've leaned on Kiefer for a couple weeks to kick my revisions butt into gear. After treating myself to a movie break this weekend, I think I'll hand the muse avatar torch over to Mr. Diesel. He doesn't have to spout encouraging dialogue (I can do without the cliches) - all he has to do is look pretty and drive me across the finish line.


Happy Monday!

- Dawn


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