Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Muse in Disguise (better late than never)

I'm three episodes in on the first season of Game of Thrones - and yes, I get it! I understand the hype. 

Ever since I came back from the Banff World Media Festival, I've had an insatiable hunger for TV - especially series that are "new to me" like Being Human, Blood Ties and of course, Game of Thrones.  I'm loving the epic fantasy feel. 

I read George R.R. Martin's books many, MANY years ago, but from what I can remember, the on screen adaptation is pretty darn good. 

The world is incredibly developed, the cinematography brilliant, but what really resonates with me is the awesome characterization. I haven't figured everyone out yet, but I'm really intrigued by Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa). He kind of gives me the creeps - and yet there's something strangely sexy about him. I thought I might be losing my mind until I looked him up.

Uh...yeah...definitely muse avatar worthy.

The week is half over and I'm late picking a muse - but I think Jason here is up for the challenge. As my long list of things to do increases, I have a feeling Jason may have to put in a lot of overtime this week - on screen and off.

Watching Game of Thrones? What's your opinion? And which character do you love?

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: 50 Shades Darker, E.L. James

Monday, June 18, 2012

Being a Muse

I should always listen to my best friend, Karen.

I should always listen...

That's my mantra for the day as I plug in the second disc of the series Being Human (American) after looking at it in my DVD library for oh, about six months.

I love this show.

Being Human is about a vampire, a werewolf and ghost living together and trying to be...human. Well, as human as three monsters can get, I guess.

Great concept!

I'm always intrigued by TV series premises that are unique, engaging and well executed, but now, after returning from the Banff World Media Festival, TV is pretty much taking over my mind.

I should be writing instead.

So instead of NOT watching Being Human, I'm going to use the show for inspiration - particularly Sam Witwer, the actor who plays the vampire, Aidan. Google images may not have netted the best results, but trust me, he's smouldering on screen - and worthy of Muse Avatar status.

Don't take my word on it - check out the first season now.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: Fifty Shades Darker, E.L. James

Monday, June 11, 2012

For my aMUSEment

There are two reasons I watch True Blood (aside from the edgy plot, gratuitous sex and violence, and feeding my writerly envy) - Alex Skarsgard (Eric) and Joe Manganiello (Alcide).

I'm at the Banff World Media Festival (pinching myself) this week, and our hotel didn't have the season opener of True Blood. Thanks to my BFF, I'll get a copy on my way home...

But it's Muse Avatar Monday and Alex made the cut last in honor of the episode I missed last night, I'll give the role to Joe.

Thanks Joe! Now work your charm and help me make some Banff magic.

Into scripts, screenplays, TV shows and movies? Follow me on Twitter. I'm tweeting about the Banff World Media Festival with #Banff2012.

- Dawn

Friday, June 8, 2012

A few projects that sizzle

The Banff World Media Festival begins Sunday, just TWO sleeps from now - though I have a feeling I won't be doing much sleeping before then.

If you're into scripts and screenplays, it's likely you've heard about this event, and even more likely you're wishing you could be there, as well. Believe me, I completely understand how fortunate I am to tag along with the amazing Tracy Belsher/Judith Graves for what should be a nerve-wracking and eye-opening five days of learning, networking and pitching.

But there's still so much to do. Treatments to write, scripts and screenplays to polish up, clothes to pack... We'll be ready though, because if there's something Judith and I do well, it's produce under pressure.

Along with a suitcase of ideas, three completed scripts, six full treatments, and one individual screenplay each, we're going to be armed with this...a "sizzle reel" featuring our top six projects.

The music for the clip we'll show executives is different (edgier!) due to copyright issues, but you get the idea - drama, horror, thriller and dark comedy, we've got it covered.

Now all I have to do is practice pitching those log lines without stammering...or passing out.

Oy! To Banff we go!

- Dawn

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Killer's Instinct cover reveal

I'm super stoked to finally talk about Killer's Instinct, the first book in the Most-Wanted Monsters fiction series the "other me" is co-writing with the uber-talented Judith Graves

The book will be published first as an e-serial and then a print novel by Leap Books, the same amazing publishers who brought you the SPIRITED anthology and Judith's SKINNED series.

More about Killer Instinct below, but first, a moment to appreciate the awesomeness that is this cover.

*stares with mouth agape*

*wipes drool*

*puffs out chest with pride*

The cover art was created by the brilliant artist Gaetano Pezzillo. This guy has mind blowing talent, and I'm so thrilled he agreed to work with us on creating this gorgeous cover for Killer's Instinct. Read more about Gaetano here.

And now, here's the unofficial blurb for Killer's Instinct

Where's there's no life, there's Hope.

Hope has always been a bit of a freak. But when her mother crawls from the grave and her undead corpse goes MIA, Hope's last thread of normal snaps with a vengeance.

Enrolling in a militia-style school for monster slayers seems the only course of action. And the best bet at tracking her mother down.

But does Hope have a true killer's instinct? If she finds her mother, will she have the guts to do what must be done?

The book is the first in a series of four, each told from the points of view of four young slayers who are tasked with ridding society of the world's most wanted monsters - before they GET you. The books also complement the non-fiction elements we profile weekly on our blog.

Killer's Instinct launches in 2013 first as an e-series, whereby Leap Books will release 6 e-episodes of the story, and then publish the novel in print form at the end, likely in 2014. 

You'll be hearing a lot about Killer's Instinct and Most-Wanted Monsters. If you know Judith and I at all, you know we're just getting started :-)

- Dawn

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A muse worth casting

I'm not a casting agent, but I love casting the lead characters in each of my novels. Hey, you never know. Some director/producer type might fall in love with a story, turn it into a movie or TV series and pose this question: Who do YOU see in the role of...? (It could happen...heck, it might even happen in Banff next week...)

I bet I could rattle off an answer for almost every character. My brain just does that...turns everything I write into a movie or television show - dream big or not at all, my mentors always say.

For Nic Bazzano, the sexy hero in the HEARTLESS series featuring Jagger Valentine, I picture James Purefoy.

I first fell for James in the movie A Knight's Tale, where he excelled in the role of the Dark Prince. I'm not sure who the perfect actress play Jagger is, but in my mind, James is all Nic - sexy, rugged, romantic.

It's a big week for HEARTLESS. My awesome writing partner (and award-winning screenwriter) Judith Graves/Tracy Belsher and I are heading to the Banff World Media Festival to pitch several individual and team script/screenplay projects. Among them, HEARTLESS. (Which is pretty much all I can say about that right now...grin.)

But perhaps more importantly, the finish line on Jagger's first novel is within sight. It's close, my friends. Really close.

However, I think I'll need to lean on James to carry me all the way. Welcome to the role of Muse Avatar, Mr. Purefoy. As payment, when some producer/director/network exec in Banff asks Who do you see in the role of Nic Bazzano? my answer will be more than ready.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: 50 Shades of Grey, E.L. James