Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Walking with my muse

I didn't make my word count goal last week.

I'm owning it right off the top of this post, because a) I'm late with my muse avatar and b) I promised myself I wouldn't sugar coat the truth with excuses. So here goes: Not only did I not meet my word count goal, I am 8,995 words short. Yikes!

Which means, I have 18,585 fresh words to write this week to catch up. And since my "Monday" muse avatar blog is posting on a Tuesday, I'm not off to the greatest start.

If it was November, I'd be panicking right now, or maybe even tossing in the towel. November is, of course, National Novel Writing Month and I always begin with good intentions, throwing down the gauntlet of personal challenge that I won't stop writing until I've hit 50,000 words. How hard can that be?


I'm not whining. I'm one of those lucky people that gets to do what they love. I just need to accept that I've set a tough goal this year - 500,000 words - and it's going to take some effort. This past week was busy, and the weekend even busier. Life happens. Time to get over it and move on.

Yes, I need to pound out some serious words this week to catch up. And I may not actually do it. But it's February, which means I have nine and a half months to make up those words, a few thousand or even hundred one week at a time.

Who knows, maybe I'll pick up the slack in November, and actually complete the 50,000-word novel? Huzzah! Whatever happens, I'm not giving up just because I'm - gulp - 8,995 words behind the 8-ball. I won't abort the mission.

Unlike my muse avatar this week. What the heck is Daryl doing? I'm relieved The Walking Dead is back, but this episode kind of kicked me in the gut. Damn drama.

I may not agree with Daryl's decisions right now, but I am a fan of Norman Reedus. Hopefully by next week's episode of The Walking Dead, we'll both be back on track.

Have a great week.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: Your Heart Belongs to Me, Dean Koontz

2013 Resolutions Stats

Word count: 2,635 (short 8,995 for week - not a great week)
Total words to date for 2013: 46,702

Total pounds lost: 3
Total pounds lost to date for 2013: 15

Books Completed (reading): 1
Total books read to date for 2013: 4

Movies Watched: 0
Movies watched to date in 2013: 4

Pamper Moment: Red Lipstick. For those who know me, yeah, I know. Weird. I was just inspired one day.

Calendar worthy pictures: 1 - I think. It might need a second opinion

Monday, February 4, 2013

Following the muse

Back in the 80s, I was a big Kevin Bacon fan. Come on, those swanky dance moves in Footloose? *swoon*

But truth be told, I think I'm even more in lust with him now, especially since he's starring in one of the best new series on TV: The Following.

No, it's not for the faint of heart, and yeah, Fox is stepping outside of the network comfort zone and pushing some boundaries. Maybe it's the thriller writer in me, or I'm just a huge fan of the cast, the concept and the filming, but I'm in love with this show.

And Kevin Bacon.

A few weeks ago, I selected James Purefoy as my muse avatar. Don't get me wrong, as the Poe-obsessed serial killer in The Following, he's magnificent. There's just something even more magical about Kevin.

The show comes at a good time. After a huge writing week, I've cleaned two writing projects off my plate, which means a good part of my focus will shift to my thriller series again. After a great chat with my publisher, I have a clear idea of what I need to do to ramp up the first book and get a great start on the second - 1,370 words a day at a time. Part of the revisions will mean pushing the boundaries of suspense.

I think The Following does that - and very well. Not to mention, as the damaged FBI investigator on the case, Kevin Bacon is an excellent role model for my own protagonist. Add to that his sexy pout and you've got the prime makings for a Monday muse avatar.

After the cancellation of 24, I thought Mondays would never be the same. But thanks to a well developed script, creeptastic suspense, and a stellar cast including the hunky Kevin Bacon, The Following gives even Jack Bauer a run for his money. If you haven't seen The Following, take a look!

Happy Monday.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown (still. It's a BIG book.)

2013 Resolutions Stats

Word count: 11,560 (short 2040 for week since I had to play catch-up from previous week, but beest week yet)
Total words to date for 2013: 44,067

Total pounds lost: 1
Total pounds lost to date for 2013: 12

Books Completed (reading): 1
Total books read to date for 2013: 2

Movies Watched: 0
Movies watched to date in 2013: 4

Pamper Moment: Snowshoeing with hubs. (This may not SEEM like a pamper moment, but with such a busy week, we had to make time for it. Plus, we enjoy it. I'm counting it...and hey, it's not alcohol-related!)

Calendar worthy pictures: 0 - Yup, this one needs some work. May need to call on my bestie for some refresher courses in photography.