Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for I Remember You

Back in high school, I gave my heart to a man who would 25 years later become my husband. Such is the power of Facebook.

Jessica Bell and I have teamed up for the A-Z blogging challenge this year to talk about our musical muses - a band/artist or song that has inspired, or affected us in some way. I warned you I'd be digging up a lot of 80s hair bands...

And few had longer locks than Skid Row's front man Sebastian Bach.

On my left hand, I have a two-inch scar from when I hopped a barbed wire fence at an Aerosmith/Skid Row concert with the hope of meeting the band. Instead of going to the doctor after slicing my palm open, I went backstage - where Sebastian himself poured half a bottle of whiskey on the wound to "sterilize" the cut. The scar is almost better than an autograph.

I wasn't a groupie...at least not in that sense. But I was desperate to meet the band. Skid Row's power ballad, I REMEMBER YOU was the song my boyfriend, Jeff had dedicated to me in high school. Even though we weren't together anymore, I couldn't quite forget him - or that song.

Fast forward 25 years. Jeff signs into Facebook and types in my name. Although we live in two separate provinces, we happen to be 15 minutes apart. Fate? Absolutely. When he saw me, Jeff lifted me off the ground, spun me around and said, "You're still the most beautiful woman I have ever met."

I knew then that I'd marry him. Yeah, I know, "awwwww." :-)

I Remember You played at our wedding.

Got an "I" song that reminds you of a past - or present - love? I'd love to hear your story. The sappier the better.

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- Dawn


  1. That is an awesome story! I am a sucker for cute love stories!

  2. I didn't know you were Canadian like me! And I remember watching Sebastian Bach recently on The Trailer Park Boys. It was a funny episode, in fact! :)

    Oh, you have a great story there, too! Excellent post!

    1. Jack! So many questions! Where in Canada? Sebastian Bach was on Trailer Park Boys? I gotta see that.

  3. Cool story! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aw my ... I didn't know that story! I think I need to come for another visit ...

    1. Jess, make you a deal, come live here and I'll tell you EVERY story you could ever think of :-)

  5. That is an amazing story! I think I would treasure that scar as well!

  6. I love that story! That's so sweet! :)

  7. I saw Skid Row in Dallas. Great show! My favorite song is '18 and Life.' It really speaks to me.

    As for scars from concerts, I didn't get one. However, I snuck backstage to talk to Ted Nugent. We spoke for about 5 minutes about politics. lol

    He gave me a pick and shoertly thereafter as I was talking to Jesse Dupree from Jackyl when a gigantic Jack in the Beanstalk lookin' MoFo tossed me on my can out the gate. lol

    About 15 minutes later Ted was onstage, looked in my direction, and tossed another pick. I dove off a table (can you say greedy?) and got it among the thrashing of about 20 others. Meanwhile, some slug broke my rib! That's my 'scar.'