Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simple Pleasures...

A new Nora Roberts book, spine waiting to be cracked

Homemade peanut butter cookies, fresh out of the oven

Sweet puppy kisses

Watching my beautiful angel fish lay eggs

The safety of feeling wrapped in handsome husband's loving embrace

A glass of Dad's wine, chilled to perfection

Listening to One Republic's "Secrets" on repeat - my song obsession of the month

Planning for next week, next month, next year

Reconnecting with myself

Muse avatar Mondays.

I'm posting early because I have an early Monday meeting and didn't want to miss assigning this week's muse. Fine by me. Turns out, I needed the peace of a rainy Sunday to reflect on the simple pleasures in life - and Johnny Depp is definitely among them. While I admire his, er, physique, I bow also to his diversity and skill. Few actors have embraced their career with such determination and integrity.

As I prepare for significant career changes on the horizon, I can only hope I employ the same work ethic as this week's muse. 

The Book In My Bag Today: Happily Ever After, Nora Roberts


  1. Rock on Daw!

    Johnny must work for you, 'cos your latest stuff is awesome :) <3

  2. Dear sweet Johnny...oh gawd, how I love Johnny. Love very happy...may die happily now in Johnny's arms...sigh...thank you Dawn!

  3. You take Johnny, Sunshine. I'll keep Roarke thank you very much :-P

    Reading Nora's book too. Sad.. last one. sigh. She did well with this series.

  4. Aw shucks, thanks DONNA. You have no idea how much better that makes me feel <3

    Glad to be of service, MEAGHAN. He IS yummy, no?

    JAMIE - have you ever NOT had Roarke? (grin) I admit, this wedding series is one of my favourite Noras...which is saying a LOT. Figures we'd be reading it at the same time... xo

  5. great choice of muse. He has been so dedicated to doing projects he loves and making what he considers artistic choices. Maybe you agree/maybe you don't, but you can't accuse him of cashing in on his pretty. :o) <3

  6. LTM - I completely agree and that's one of the reasons I respect him so much. <3

  7. I was at The Viper Room once when Johnny Depp owned it. We looked at each other and locked eyes. My knees buckled and I almost fell over.

    The only other celeb who has ever knocked the breath out of me like that was Julie Andrews.

    (I know - hard to find the parallel there. But whatevs.)

    Excellent Monday Muse!

  8. A fabulous list! And I adore Johnny, largely for his playful side--I love that he embraces the strange--my kind of man.

  9. Thanks for all this goodness, including Johnny! How do you make home made peanut butter? Yummm!

  10. Oh, I read the first chapter of THE SEARCH by Nora Roberts and totally was hooked. It's now on my to read list!

  11. Suzanne - if you're brilliant writing didn't already amaze me, I'd be in awe that you locked eyes with Johnny and didn't get charged...because I might have gone to jail for harassment if that had been me! I also admire Julie Andrews...though not in the same way :-D

    Hart - I adore his playful side. And just about every side...

    Clara - bad writing on my part. Not homemade peanut butter, just the cookies. Still yum :-)

    Crimey - Awesome! You know I'm a Nora fan.

  12. Great muse choice. Um ... how do I getz me some of those peanut butter cookies!