Friday, November 19, 2010

The nature of things

I've been a bad blogger buddy this past week.

My own posts have been sporadic, at best, and I've only managed to make it to a handful of the blogs I normally visit at least once a day. I can't even begin to imagine what I've missed - the learning, the celebrating, the laughs...

Believe me, I could have used a few of those for sure.

Truthfully, I've been shifted - temporarily for now - into a new position at the day job and the learning curve is steep. I've been trying to wrap my head around budgeting and program development and these days admit my "a-ha!" moments are more likely to come after figuring out the intricacies of Quickbooks rather than successfully unravelling a plot snag.

I allowed crappy weather to keep me from dance. I've not written a single NaNo word this week and have accepted defeat on that particular challenge. And, though I've plugged away on the WIP, my efforts have been lackluster at best.

A myriad of stressors, and some particularly sad news about a dear friend, have made sleep difficult. There's been little time to stop, let alone smell the proverbial roses.

My family and I did take some time last night, though, to observe one of nature's wonders. Last week I watched my female Angel fish lay more than 500 eggs, and witnessed with awe the sheer energy that took for her. This wasn't the breeding pair's first attempt - four times Eden has eaten her young before they've had an opportunity to hatch.

I think she got it right this time.

I wish I had the right camera to capture Eden-the-nurturer in all her golden splendor. While Gabriel (papa fish) stands guard, Eden herds her fry into small balls of wiggling tails and black eyes. She breathes them into her mouth, where they stay warm and protected, as she moves them to a new area of the tank. Exhaling, the tiny tadpoles latch themselves to the surface of a plant, an ornament, or the breeding slate. If one threatens to fall, Eden scoops it into her mouth and places the fry gently with its siblings.

The process brought tears to my eyes.

And was a stark reminder that even in the midst of chaos, it is important to take time for life's beautiful moments.

I'm looking forward to next week when I hope to get back to YOUR blogs, shake it on the dance floor, and - gulp - catch up on the NaNo word count.

The Book In My Bag Today: Happily Ever After, Nora Roberts


  1. Wow Dawn! That is so cool! I did not know that is how fish eggs hatched.
    Good luck with the new position. Don't beat yourself up it takes a while to get used to a new job and all that is required (plus I don't know many creative souls who salivate at the thought of plugging away at Quickbooks.).

  2. Quickbooks is evil. But your maternal fish is adorable! Those poor babies. If they knew mama had eaten their brothers/sisters before, they might not be so willing to go into mama's mouth for a ride. LOL

  3. That is awesome!

    And don't worry about time away from blogging, we'll come back when you're back.

  4. JESS - Your girls would have been in awe of the process, I think. And no...creative people don't get excited about budgeting, despite Sue's insistence that numbers DO dance.

    VICKI - Yes, Quickbooks IS evil. I agree - if babies knew Mam's past behaviour, they might be less excited about swimming into the jaws of doom :-)

    Thanks, MATTHEW. It's addictive though...hard to take a break, though very much needed this week.

  5. On the top of your Xmas wish list

    What a sight it must of been to see. Nothing like that to righten the wrongs of the day/week.
    You were so lucky to bear witness to such a thing.

    Now.. if you had a kickass camera, we would of been as well ;-) .. just sayin' <3

  6. Cut yerself some slack, Dawn. You always have a full plate. November is a hard month to swallow at the best of times. Relax and enjoy the fish show. <3

  7. JAMIE - I think that's been in the top of my everything list since I saw yours ;-) Just saying. <3

    DONNA - wise advice, indeed. xoxo

  8. Sorry about the sad news about your friend! That is absolutely breathtaking and amazing about the fish!

  9. Definitely a sight to behold. Yeah, if you can ever catch that on camera, it will be brilliant!

  10. I'm also sorry about your friend.