Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hey, it's okay!

Super blogger/writer/Internet pal Whispering Writer got this idea from Glamour magazine, where they have a section called Hey, It’s Okay. 

Essentially, it lists a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog - it's a wonderful way to get a few things off like your chest. 

Like, it's okay...

To not quite have met yesterday's NaNo goal. Last year I didn't even make it past the first two days - #nanofail. But I'm only 300 words behind so far. Progress!

To have missed dance (again) last night. Best laid plans, and all that jazz (ha!). As important as the J'Adore Dance team is to me (and how great I feel after), life happens. 

To feel a bit out of sorts after yesterday. A shake-up at the day job means big changes ahead for me. Does anyone really like to be in limbo?

To slightly obsess over artist Rose Cooper. Uh, handsome hubby, if you have not ordered the items I asked for from Rose's Etsy shop, please hurry. And best ever, a portion of the proceeds from Rose's online store will be donated to Candyland's inspiring cause. Do eet!

To miss your Mom.

To chart the week by your favorite TV shows and be uber excited that Vampire Diaries is on tonight. Translation: Damon is on tonight.

To know darned well you ain't going to read 100 books this year, but feel proud of surpassing the 50 mark and keeping pace with the queen of reading. Wahoo! 

To seek revenge on your adult bully - in fiction, of course. Heck, it's even ok to seek revenge on your childhood bullies. I'm loving this new WIP

So - what are you ok about today?

The Book In My Bag Today: Fantasy in Death, J.D. Robb


  1. Hey! I'm ok about everything, right now. I've decided I can only do as much as I can do, and if anyone has a problem with that, they can stick it ;o) I'm only human, folks!

    I've ordered a pic from Rose. I can't wait to get it!


  2. Great post Dawn!!
    Today I have decided it's okay to question your therapist, and to not want to go. Ha! Said it! Actually, I just discovered that magazine myself and I'm glad you included this idea in your blog. Especially since you applied it to yourself. You are such a perfectionist!
    Oh yeah, and it's okay if my blog is running late....right?

  3. JESSICA - I wonder if we ordered the same pic?!

    DONNA - yes, it is TOTALLY okay that your blog is running late, and to also question your therapist. Can't wait to catch up with you. xo

  4. I like the organic picture ;-)
    your's is clearer than the one I've been using.

  5. Ah, I am such a dimwit, JAMIE. I Googled "It's ok" and this picture came up, and I thought, hmmmm, where have I seen that before? *slaps forehead* Of course. Great minds, right?

  6. Hey.. I'm envious yours is so much clearer. I googled it again and found yours.
    Keep it, sweets. I don't own the rights to it.
    AND we share a lot in common, this is just another <3 xxoo

  7. I'm ok about not making my daughter nap. Though, she's not been super helpful and I'm starting to regret my decision. Nonono. I'm okay with it. Shoot. She's yelling for me:/

  8. JAMIE - true dat! xo

    LOL@ CANDY. I suspect that's a daily pros and cons conversation for you :-)

  9. Loved Rose's work! I think you are a rock star for reading 50 books in one year!

  10. LOL... I don't deny myself things I want, so I don't need such a list... But your list is commendable! :)

  11. Isn't she great, JAN? I love her! And thank you...

    KYLE - why does this not surprise me? :-P <3

  12. Dawn-sounds like a great way to keep up a good attitude! Yay for that!

    Say... I'm writing mystery now! I can murder than annoying mom who bullied my son... and anyone else who has ever annoyed me... THIS is liberating!

  13. Yip- all of that is A okay in my book! I'm gonna get to watch VD tonight! (streaming:)) Looking forward to my damon- but I gotta say he needs a new stylist. His hair looked so much hotter at the beginning of last season. Sigh.

  14. That's the spirit, HART. Happy slaying!

    I'm so with you, there, CREEPY. His hair bugged me last night, too. But I forgave him after the end scene. Sigh <3