Monday, November 29, 2010

Muse causes me Glee

I'm out of the closet now.

Officially, a GLEEk.

I tried to avoid Glee, holding out for an entire season, even when commercials taunted me with special Lady Gaga episodes. I held out when my own dance journey almost pushed me towards shows with a cast of dancing, singing stars. And knowing my husband wouldn't watch it, I didn't hover over the channel in hopes of a sneak peek one day.

But I can't deny it for even one second longer. I'm hooked. Big time.

I'm sure it hurt Karen a little to download the entire first season of Glee for me - it really isn't her kind of show. And I KNOW it hurts my handsome hubby a little when I squirm after not watching an episode after, oh, a few hours.

It's just that the show is so...catchy.

And there's considerable eye candy. Like Matthew Morrison, who is not only one of the main stars of the show, but has also landed the role of muse avatar this week.

My stepdaughter thinks he looks a little like a grown-up Stefan Salvatore, which I might concede if the "other" Vampire Diaries hottie didn't make a regular occurrence as my muse avatar (yes, I CAN find a way to bring Damon into every post if I try...) Although Matthew looks pretty smoking in the above photo, it isn't his abs that make him muse-worthy.

It's the way he performs.

No question the guy can sing, but when I watch him on Glee, I get completely caught up in his stage presence. There are quirks in his character that kind of annoy me - and truthfully, there are a few people on the show that make me want to pull my hair out at times - but the minute he opens his mouth to sing, I'm mesmerized.

After a few weeks of break from writing anything of real substance, I'm on the hook to really perform this week. At work. At home. On the page. *sigh*

Luckily, I spent a good portion of the weekend studying Matthew's technique. I figure if anyone can help me out in the performance area, it's Matthew's abs, er, talent.

The Book In My Bag Today: Going Bovine, Libba Bray


  1. ooo, I love glee! But I had no idea Mr. Shue was such a hottie! :D Hubs hates the show, but he'll allow me Sue Sylvester. (aka, Janet Reid ;) <3

  2. I'm a proud Gleek too! Loved the episode with Gwyneth Paltrow.

  3. Ah, yes. You hit on the reason I watch very little television. It's not that I'm a snob. Quite the contrary. I know myself well-enough to know that I'd get sooo hooked! Enjoy being a GLEEk. I know several.

  4. Ha, LTM, I understand. My hubby rolls his eyes when I say I want to watch it. But...he DID watch an episode with me last night :-)

    WENDY - I have yet to see THAT episode, but am looking forward to it. I can't believe how long I held out!

    ROCKSTAR - I totally understand that. LOL I have many fave shows. Luckily, Glee is taped so I watch it whenever I can squeeze in time. Of course, that also means I can watch it 24/7 :-P

  5. i love GLEE! but i always forget it's on (didn't it change time?)...and i'm usually putting my kids to bed while it's on. but definately a good muse choice! my favorite muse is Ben Affleck - my husband :)

  6. I went, I saw, I tried, I ran out of time.
    But happy you have joined the 'GLEEk'dom society.
    Enjoy, mon amie. :-)

  7. AMIE - I'm still working on the first season, which I have on DVD, so I actually don't know what day it's on. But, I suspect as soon as I get through season one, Glee will have a permanent setting on my PVR. Your muse choice is also worthy :-)

    JAMIE - I admit, I had to get through the first couple of episodes to REALLY appreciate its brilliance, but I'm hooked now. I shall enjoy <3

  8. Oh, wow! If he went shirtless all the time on Glee, I would definitely watch it (I did enjoy the few episodes I did watch, tho).

  9. Oh, MAN... that might even convince ME to watch Glee... and I don't really care for anything else they're offering... I know that is blasphemy, but I prefer dark, depressing TV... all that singing and dancing gives me a rash and I have low tolerance for high school... ANYTHING, but basically soap opera... but MAN that guy looks GOOD...

  10. Oooh. Had a sharp intake of breath with this one. Thankfully I wasn't drinking coffee (I have to remember to put it down before I click on your link. lol) Yes, I'm a total gleek too. Matt Rush got me hooked. lol

  11. STINA - Agreed! I hear there are a couple episodes where he is shirtless...looking forward to those!

    HART - Glee is actually not my norm. I prefer dark, depressing TV, too. But I admit, I am hooked on this show...

    CREEPY - :-D Love that we share a Gleek connection.

  12. I absolutely, 100% LOVEWORSHIP Glee! And damn, thats Mr. Schuster? Wow! And I agree with you, the man has a presence. But my favourite character has to be Sue Sylvester, she cracks me up. The hottest for me is the mohawk boy, is he matthew morrison? I remember him as 'the bad jew' from an earlier episode (Can't believe he called himself that! Another Gleetastic OMG LOL moment).

  13. I don't watch the show. I feel like I'm the only one left. I mean, it seems like something I'd like but I have so many other shows that I like already....

  14. Let your Gleek Flag Fly girl! I'm a Gleek too. And I had no idea Mr. Schu had abs like that. Holy moly.

  15. Oh man. I have to get on that Glee wagon thing. I have only seen one episode.

  16. I must be the only person who's never watched Glee! I'll have to check it out! I've read Going Bovine. Enjoyed it - look forward to your thoughts on it!