Monday, November 2, 2009

The fatherly type

I've got an awful lot of projects on the go.

That's typical of me. My attention span is often short. Creative inspiration sometimes comes in fits and stops. And almost always, my mood indicates which kick-ass protagonist I should focus on.

For the past few weeks, my muse avatar has possessed some - um - necessary criteria for making the grade. But this week's is more than just your average Hollywood Hunk.

My projects (all one million of them) are like my babies, and who better to help me shepherd them into adulthood than Mr. Mom himself, Brad Pitt.

Oh I've watched the way he dotes on little Maddox, how he taught the little tyke how to ride a dirt bike before his tenth birthday. A skill I'm sure Jagger would be interested to learn. 

And who could forget the way he welcomed Pax and Zahara into his family? I'm confident he'll have open arms for my new young adult series and the romance novel playing around in my head.

When Shiloh was born, she became Daddy's girl - and right now, my poor girl Cait is struggling to find her father. Maybe Brad could point her in the right direction?

I recognize he's quite busy these days - what with twins Knox and Vivienne less than a year old - but I've heard him say that he and Angelina would love to have dozens of children. I'm only suggesting that he adopt a couple of mine.


  1. Is there anything sexier than a handsome man who appears to enjoy fatherhood? (Don't answer. That's rhetorical.) I actually prefer this Brad Pitt - mature, family man - to the sex symbol of fifteen years ago.

    And good luck with your week. He'd be nuts not to take you under his wing. ;)

  2. hope101 - My stepdaughter would disagree with you - in her ever tactful way, she noted that she doesn't see the big deal about Brad Pitt (or, Angelina for that matter); apparently he is old and fat. Hmmm. Not sure what Brad Pitt she is looking at.

    Sending great vibes back your way. If this week's pages are any indication, I'd say you've hit your groove. And then some.

  3. Okay. Here's the litmus test for her eyesight: what does she think of Daniel Craig? If she doesn't see the awesome sexiness of that beast, she needs prescription eyewear. That's an MD's opinion. :)

    Re the pages: woot! This week coming up will be a challenge, but we'll see. Thanks to you and Donna, I can tell my craft's improving.

  4. I added my own hunka-hunka choices on Jan's blog... hope they help to inspire you, Dawn!

  5. Laura, MUCH appreciated - and indeed, I am inspired :-)

  6. Cool! (and I agree with James Dean...)