Friday, November 20, 2009

I wish I'd written...


Actually, there's a few books I wish I'd written, but for sure, I'd love to have created Bella and Edward. And, apparently, Jacob. I wish I'd woken from a vivid dream about werewolves and vampires and transcribed the details onto the page, thus creating a world loved by millions of people. You suck, Stephanie - but I mean that in the nicest way.

Last week, more than a thousand young fans (and my husband) lined up at West Edmonton Mall to meet three of the stars from New Moon. My stepdaughter was among them - even convinced her father to camp overnight (at the MALL). She came home with a signed poster, a dozen or so pictures, and a gigantic smile.

I wish I'd been the one to put it there.

You can say what you want about Stephanie Meyer's writing - even the heavy weights, like Stephen King, have voiced an opinion - but the bottom line is, she sells books. MILLIONS of books.

I remember when I started reading Twilight. I should admit that it wasn't when the novel first hit the shelves. I'd watched my cousins - especially Kyla - read the series on the dock at our summer cabin in Christina Lake, awestruck by (and envious of) her enthusiasm for each character. And even though my cousins' book choices are often bang on (Amanda and Savannah got me hooked on Leven Thumps and the Land of Foo), I still didn't succumb to Edward's charm. Yet.

Fate intervened two years ago when, about to board the plane for Hawaii, I realized I'd forgotten a book. I read Twilight on my first flight to Vancouver, then bought New Moon and Eclipse in the Vancouver airport - finished them both before landing in Hawaii, and then spent two days on the island looking for Breaking Dawn. I've read them twice since - not as a writer, but as a reader. No easy task for me these days.

One of my critique partners wrote an awesome blog post about how writing - and critiquing - has changed how she reads. I agree with her on almost all fronts.

Except for Twilight.

I'm sure there's a reason I'm so quick to ignore the "craft rules" Stephanie Meyers blatantly breaks in her writing - but that would mean I'd have to stop reading - and falling in love with Edward - to analyze it. Maybe I'll try again after I finish the books for the fourth time.


  1. I think it's great that you were able to read them as a "reader". I bet it's really hard to do!.... not that i was an amazing dancer but when i watch the dancing shows sometimes i am so critical, it drives me crazy. I love it so much more when i just enjoy it and let it remind me of my dancing days! I do wonder though if i realized at the time how lucky i was to take class from mia michaels....

  2. OMG, you took classes from Mia Michaels?!?! I can't dance, but she makes me wish I could! Things I did not know... xo

  3. oops that should say a class!! Just one :)but it was amazing.