Monday, November 23, 2009

Writing fast and furious

This week, I need a "fast" muse. The kind of guy who will get my engine, ahem, creative engine running, that is. There's no doubt Paul Walker is up for the task. Did you see him GO in all of the Fast and the Furious movies?

The way he handled those cars? The quick work he made of his relationships (grin). Yep, Vin Diesel may be the franchise's resident tough guy, but Paul - he's fast. And I need fast.

I'm "this" close to knocking off a project that's served as my ball and chain for almost four years. Just a few chapters to write, some edits to incorporate, and a final read through by my IR. But I've only got until December 1 to get it done. Which means the bulk of that work has to be completed - this week.

And as usual, I've got a lot on the go.

But with Paul at my side, I have no doubt the week will just speed along.