Monday, November 9, 2009

In Gerard I trust

I admit feeling a tad shameful for my public lashing of last week's muse avatar.

Just a bit though, because let's face it, the tactic worked. What started as a slow week, ended in marathon style. I logged more than 80 pages of fresh - and revised - text, perhaps a personal best.

But Monday is again upon us, and while Brad's last minute shape-up may earn him a repeat appearance, the avatar face must now change.

Why Gerard Butler?

Hmm. Where to begin? Perhaps I'll start with those abs. This is the mark of a fit man. And Gerard is strong - as evidenced in 300 - as Spartan. I'm hopeful his persona of fitness will act twofold - to whip my newest pages into shape, and to (again) inspire my personal fitness regime.

And while I appreciate he is known for more characters than as the mighty (and hunky) Leonidas, I deem it appropriate to select an image from the movie in which, I think, provides us with so much brilliant dialogue. At the start of my career, I found "character conversation" the most difficult, but I'm learning the rules and I've come a long way. In addition to my most current WIP (s), revising and polishing the TV script I've written will be top priority this week - and script writing is largely about dialogue. Perhaps his image will serve as inspiration.

And lastly - though of no less importance - Gerard Butler is one of the several candidates listed on my writer friend's blog (in her generous plea for me) and a personal favourite of Donna's. (Is there no end to what I would do for you, sweetheart? I do love my crit partners...)

Still unconvinced? Allow me to provide another image to prove Gerard's worth:


  1. Ooh. I actually prefer that second one, believe it or not. :)

    Nice choice. A kick-ass muse for what promises to be a kick-ass week.

  2. hope101 - I prefer the second one, too :-) (See, we do have some similar taste...)
    Cheers to kick-ass weeks!

  3. Thankyouthankyou! Smeep, smeep, smeep.