Monday, November 16, 2009

Blast from the past

I've been wishing a lot lately that I could go back in time. Not to a different century or anything, just a few years - like maybe twenty or so. I don't regret the decisions that have made me the person I am today, but I'd love to go back and relive some of my youth.

Like when Rikki Rockett was my idol. My best friend Jennifer and I entered a radio contest to win tickets to a Poison concert once. She dressed up like lead singer Brett Michaels, and I acted as Rikki Rockett - I even painted a cardboard drum set to look like the ones he took on tour. We won - front row tickets. But in the end, Rikki pointed his drum stick at the woman next to me who was wearing a lot less clothes and thus deemed the "bigger" fan. She got to go backstage.

Rikki used to adorn my bedroom walls. Jennifer had Def Leppard posters. I had Poison. (My younger sister, as an aside, had Bryan Adams...which tells you a lot about how different we were back then. Love ya, Jess.)

It was back in the days of Rikki Rockett that I began writing. I wrote Carnival Dreams while listening to Poison and dreaming of him. When it was finished, I substituted my hero's name (Rikki, of course) for Joe Elliot, so Jen could have a book about her dream guy as well. I'm confident neither book - starring Rikki or Joe - will ever be published.

Still, those were good times - and I've been thinking about the past a lot lately.

Don't get me wrong, I do see a bright future. I'm married to my high school sweetheart (which is a story for another day) and have a beautiful step daughter. I have awesome friends who support and love me - and who these days appear to be fueling my creativity with Starbucks and Tim Hortons. I love my family, my life, my future.

But this week I'm taking a walk down memory lane, and it seems fitting my original muse should guide me through this week's writing goals. Oh I know I'll likely be alone in my "adoration" - but that's ok. I prefer not to compete anyway.


  1. Can you believe I never had a rock idol's image on my wall? Never. Of course, a lot of my musical taste at that age reflected my parents' influence. Not too many kick-ass ABBA or Vicki Carr posters to be found in those years. :)

    And although Rikki might not exactly be my cuppa, that's okay. As long as he helps you keep those brilliant pages coming, I'm quite willing to bite my tongue.

  2. hope101 - No Corey Hart? No Metallica? What about actors? I had a Rob Lowe shrine at one point - and then he made the news in a bad way and I was like "ick" and down he came.

    Even sick you brighten my day. Hope you feel better, soon. I miss you.

  3. With me as a kid it was River Phoenix...I LOVED him!!

  4. And with Poison...I had a huge thing for CC Deville..even though he looked really girlie!

  5. Zombiemom - I LOVED River Phoenix, too. sadly, CC was the only one I wasn't hot for at some point, though I think I know someone else (Donna) who might have also liked him best :-)

  6. What about Bon Jovi???? Memories are special things. Wake me up before you go go :-)

  7. Ah Mic, Bon Jovi is ALWAYS on my mind :-) Shot through the heart...
    LOL <3

  8. PS - Bon Jovi is coming to Edmonton in July! Naturally, I'll be going.

  9. When I think Dawn... I think Bon Jovi :-) I guess I'm stuck in time. They were good days... 80's ;-)

  10. Indeed, Mic. Those were some wonderful days.