Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feeling the burn

I know, she LOOKS innocent, right?
My legs are on fire.

I hobbled out of bed this morning and dragged myself into a semi-cold shower while my thigh and calf muscles begged for just a few hours more sleep. There's a blister the size of a dime on my right big toe, and a matching sore on my left heel.

I feel fantastic!

Just two days ago I was gushing about the Spin class Karen and I gasped through, challenging my other work-out buddies to find a more satisfying burn.

Nothing makes me feel more energized than Spin, I gloated.

I lied.

I'd forgotten about dance.

J'Adore Dance is hosting a week of free classes before the winter season officially opens, and so last night my friends Sue, Donna and Rhonda joined me for Salsa Burn - Meaghan style.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being nervous. I've known Meaghan a long time, but my fondest memories have nothing to do with dance. At Chapters, Meghan and Jessica formed an impressive duo in the children's books department, taking change of kid's events that drew hundreds of eager young readers. Our store had the best damned children's section in the whole franchise, mostly due to their dedication and enthusiasm.

That's not what scared me.

Meaghan's fitness journey is impressive. She owned her own dance studio in a small town, cheoreographed the Crush professional lacrosse cheerleading team, is certified as a personal trainer, and has accomplished a mesmerizing amount of fitness challenges - marathons, triathalons, and more!

Having been out of the dance circuit for a few months - gulp - the thought of shaking my ample booty with the awesomeness that is Meaghan made me sweat. And that was before I set foot on the dance floor.

But Meaghan, even with her years of experience and evil grin - isn't that intimidating. In fact, something about the way she worked through the moves clicked for me. Maybe it was because last night was an introduction class, but the break-down felt controlled, the pacing less chaotic. My two left feet didn't feel so awkward, and even when Jessica stepped in to introduce the fast Salsa and the Cha-Cha, I felt almost...ready.


As always when I dance with Sue, I anticipated a few murderous glares, some verbal threats, and the occasional smart-ass remark. My fear was somewhat tempered by Donna's infectious enthusiasm and Rhonda's heartfelt style - not to mention that while Sue grumbled at me, Rhonda was grumbling at her. (And both are registering for classes this season...)

I'd forgotten how much I love to laugh with my dance friends, but also how every Salsa class reminds me of Dirty Dancing. How lucky was Jennifer Grey to meringue with Patrick Swayze?

Before that pretty head of yours gets too big, Megs, you should know that while I love you (a little) I still don't like you this morning. The end-of-class-toning torture was brutal (b.r.u.t.a.l) and I'm dreading the pain Liesa and Jessica will inflict on me tonight. However, I will concede, you're a pretty damn good torture artist instructor.

Want to check out the J'Adore experience? Free classes run the rest of this week. Schedule here.

The Book In My Bag Today: Living Dead in Dallas, Charlaine Harris


  1. I'm sort of allergic to exercise so I'm not sure I'd enjoy this.

  2. I think...I'm going tonight! But be warned!!! I will topple everyone over with my two left feet! If I fall Dawn, will you help my clumsy butt up?? LOL!

  3. WW - I was allergic to dance, but J'Adore cured me. You could be cured too!

    KAREN - I think my heart just exploded with joy. I promise to be there to catch you if you fall, but I have every confidence you'll be just fine. I'm SO excited! xoxo PS - Bring water!

  4. That sounds so great! I'm doing treadmill and hoping to get an exercise bike soon, but the dancing sounds like so much fun!!! =)

  5. My 11 yo is starting ballroom soon, and is thrilled the class includes some latin dance.

    I'm a runner. My mind drifts a lot (that's when all the cool ideas for writing hit me), so activities like dance are out. :D

  6. YAY for leading your friends into your fabulous habit! I'm glad all of you loved it so much!

  7. I only dance when I've had my "medicine" ... :D But it's so great when you find something you love to do. I know how that is. I did spinning for a while, and it was great. Now I run~

    all the best! :o)

  8. I just got back to my workout schedule today and I know tomorrow is going to really be painful. I feel your pain...

    Happy New Year!

  9. I've always wanted to take dance classes for fitness (way more fun than step aerobics). And I'm impressed by anyone who can fit Patrick Swayze into a blog post.

    That and you totally earned my "follow" by having a pic of Ian Somerhalder in easy-sight. *sigh* That man is dreamy.

  10. If I lived there I'd be all over those classes. Sounds like you love the pain!

  11. CAROLYN - I love the treadmill and bike, too, but to keep motivated, I need variety. Dance helps with that. Good luck with your bike and Happy New Year!

    STINA - I'm a runner too (or would love to be) but I prefer outdoor running and sadly, Edmonton's side streets are rarely cleaned to my liking! I think some of my best plot outlines were flushed out while running!

    Thanks, HART <3

    LOL@LTM. Um, yeah, I think medicine would help, especially withe the Naughty Hotties class.

    SHARON - thanks for dropping by! I hope your pain wasn't too harsh!

    TRACY - Were we separated at birth? Patrick AND Ian? Ian is a regular around muse, and total dream man. LOL xo

    JAN - most days I love the pain. Wish you lived closer. Hugs.

  12. Oh Dawn :)

    You make my heart smile <3 And having you in my class made it smile so much bigger! I love that you will step out of your comfort zone and inspire others to do the same! It makes me happy as an instructor and a dancer to see you in class! I hope to see you and your victims, er, friends as the session progresses. You are wonderful in so many ways :)

  13. PS - the end of class torture is how I suck you in! The gentle loving breakdown is how I lull you into a false sense of security (for your own, good of course) before the beating.

    Think of it like taking Tylenol before you get a tattoo. It's all good in the end :D Mwah hahahahaha!! Love you!!!