Monday, January 3, 2011

Eyes on the prize


It's what Swedish soccer player Fredrik Ljunberg must do every time he steps on the field. Focus on skill, on strategy, on keeping his eyes on the prize.

I'd love to report a record-breaking number of pages written over the holidays, but I spent most of the time between Christmas and New Years traveling for work, hanging out at the office, or yes, figuring out how to out-bowl handsome husband on the XBox 360 Kinect system. (I could use another week or so to practice....)

It was hard to focus on the WIP with so many distractions.

This week isn't going to be much more conducive to writing. The "teenager" is coming home after a few weeks away and honestly, I have missed her fiercely. Add to that an upcoming weekend visit from my beautiful mother-in-law and I doubt very much I'll have my eyes on the prize.

So what that boils down to is about three days of WIP focus - minus the commitment to my various New Years resolutions, solid time at the day job, cleaning the house, and checking out some of the free classes at J'Adore Dance this week. With that kind of schedule, my friends, I'm going to need some focus.

Good thing Freddie isn't in the midst of World Cup action. It allows the perfect opportunity for him to step in as this week's muse avatar - the first of the year! I'm sure between underwear modelling contracts he'll be able to fit me in, no?

Happy first week of January - may it bring you plenty of focus.

The Book In My Bag Today: Living Dead in Dallas, Charlaine Harris


  1. Yay! No focus w/on writing w/him around... LOL! :D j/k... you're a busy lady. Good luck w/the writing work~ :o) <3

  2. Thanks, JESS. Miss you :-)

    LTM - You know what they say...if you want something done, give it to a busy person. Ha! That cliche so doesn't work for me :-) <3

  3. I had a hard time focusing on your post. Yummy!

    (Good luck with the writing)

  4. MIL's coming for the week.. hope you have a really good muse,honey. You are going to be one busy lady. ;-)

  5. Thanks sweets, I'm gonna need it! The hottie in the hoodie? Not helping my focus. lol. Happy New Year!

  6. I'm so with you! Spent any free time I've had over the past three+ weeks reading and knitting. Need to get some writing work done! Good luck with your focus. The picture will certainly help mine. Have fun, darlin'!

  7. Does that mean you're coming to my Salsa Burn class tomorrow night?????

  8. Oh, NICE muse! Very nice. And Focus is a good thing for him to bring to the table! Good luck getting back to it! (You will!) I am managing on that front... Deadlines are GOOD THINGS (say it with me)

  9. STINA - Posting a weekly muse avatar DOES have its downsides, but I'm willing to overlook them :-P

    JAMIE - totally agree! But hopefully will see you this week <3

    Happy New Year, KATIE! Wishing you a year of focus - and an agent who realizes how amazing you are.

    TIELLE - Yes, you DO need to get some writing done. Your fans (*waves hand*) would like that very much. xo

    MEAGHAN - *cough* Uh, Salsa Burn is tonight?!

    HART - Deadlines are GOOD THINGS. Deadlines are GOOD THINGS. Deadlines...uh, how many times do I have to say it to make it less painful?