Monday, January 17, 2011

More aMUSEing Glee

If you're not a Gleek, Mark Salling might not be familiar to you.

Hot though, huh?

I have no idea what other gigs Mark had before nabbing the full time role as Puck on Glee. But I do know he's pretty darn easy on the eyes.

And SO talented.

Heck, who am I kidding? Almost the entire cast is excessively gifted.

I haven't written anything of substance in a few weeks. One of my 2011 resolutions has consumed me, and I find myself with barely enough time to sleep let alone fit in some writing. (I am, however, fitting into a smaller pair of jeans...)

My crit partner has been very patient with me. (Thanks, Donna!)

But this must end. Today. I am behind on blog posts, and nowhere near my goal of finishing the WIP. The new deadline for that is February 14, 2011 - appropriate, I suppose - and I've just crossed the halfway mark on the first draft.

Mark, I could use a little support, here.

I admit, I'll be leaning on Mark quite a bit as muse avatar this week. Paperwork at the day job is a little backed up, I must catch up on three "guest" posts, work on the WIP, review my awesome friend Jessica's brilliant MS, and get the semi-secret canola project to press. I don't plan on missing a single dance class, or session at the rec centre, either.

Boo ya! small favour, Mark. Three of my besties are celebrating their birthdays this week. So can you send some of that sexy gaze of yours over to Karen on the 19th, Sue-ber on the 20th, and Jamie on the 22nd? Much thanks.

The Book In My Bag Today: Motor Mouth, Janet Evanovich

Oh, my stepdaughter would be highly disappointed in me if I didn't include a shirtless pic of Mark...she's suddenly an ABS girl. So, you can thank her for this:


  1. Ah yes,
    So not a Glee fan, but I can see why he's so a-musing. Time to let 'er rip! This week is going to be a hefty one ;)You're doing great!

  2. I'm not familiar with him but I'd sooooo like to be! hahaha. Congrats on the smaller jeans, that's AWESOME!

  3. Good luck with finishing that WiP and getting back on track with your other stuff! WORK IT MARK!

  4. Yikes! You poor thing. I'm sorry that you're so busy! Please don't feel stressed about getting me your notes! Luv ya xoxo

  5. I know I should probably find myself inspired by your dedication to the gym and all, but really I just find myself wanting a bowl of cereal and painkillers reading that.
    Good for you though.

  6. DONNA - there's actually a lot of eye candy on Glee...but not nearly enough to convert a non-musical lover I'm afraid ;-)

    Thanks, VICKI. Hard work but I am enjoying the process, so far. Ask me again in March!

    HART - I'm positive Mark is even more motivated by your encouragement. Thank you. xo

    Ah JESSICA, if I could move YOUR book to the top of my priority list, I would. Your writing relaxes me with its beauty. xoxo

    VENOM - Froot Loops? Cuz that's a weakness...

  7. Great work on all the working out! And you'll write when you're ready to write. It will all fall into place.

    As for Mark, I saw him in a bar a few months ago. He's stupid hot in real life too. But I kinda got the idea that he knew it. Which kinda made him not so hot. But if you're that hot, how do you NOT know you're hot, you know?

    Wow. I just confused myself.

  8. The last picture made me laugh. It looks like he has boobs.

  9. I LOVE GLEE,a nd I loooove Mark! Thanks for this!
    And wow, seems youve got your hands full! Good luck! =D

  10. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh...that's all I'm saying. I hadn't seen him. Um, yeah. Thanks for sharing him. hee... Just stopped over from my girl, Jessica's blog. Nice to meet you.

  11. I'm a gleek and yeah...he melts my butter. =)

    Speaking of Glee - when are we getting some new episodes?

  12. I love Glee but just don't catch it that often. Now I'll be a more active viewer. Yikes! He is gorgeous!! Good luck with all your goals. Powerful productive energy coming your way!

  13. SUZANNE - Can I move in with you? You have beach - I have snow... And there's no chance of a random Mark sighting at the local pub! Sigh.

    WW - Now I can't stop looking at them!

    Thanks, CLARA. Yup, I'm a Gleek. I'm also a Mark fan, though my stepdaughter has already staked her claim on him.

    Thanks for stopping by, SALARSEN. *heading to your blog now*

    SHANNON - Hello fellow Gleek! I admit, I only just finished the first season and will be consulting my SHAW ON DEMAND service to catch up...

    Thanks for the energy, NICOLE. I agree, Mark is worth the effort.

  14. I'm not surprised he has a massive following!

    I found your blog from Jessica's. Nice to meet you!