Monday, July 5, 2010

My muse asks: Shall we dance?

I'll be honest, friends. Last week's muse avatar sucked. My BF thinks I might not have used the right picture of Kellan Lutz, thus throwing off the writing mojo. I actually think it had more to do with the whole Eclipse launch thing. Just saying.

So who's the hottie to your left and what's she doing on muse avatar Monday?

Meet Jessica. She's a long-time friend, former co-worker, and owner of J'Adore Dance. Beautiful, no? This is after two kids. Two stunning little girls, by the way.

Still wondering why her gorgeous face is taking up muse avatar Monday space?

A little back story.

I've been in a literary funk for several weeks. Maybe it's lack of confidence but whatever the reason, I've spent more time staring at a blank screen than producing anything of worth. Oh, I've had eureka moments - many of them documented on this very blog. But for some reason, the "aha!" hasn't transferred onto the fiction page.

I'd been struggling for answers - and making excuses - for several days.

And then I met up with Jessica, after FAR TOO LONG, and things kind of clicked into place. Five minutes into our conversation and I had the cure for my writing blues. Well, actually, SHE had the cure, I just didn't realize it.

You see, I'm the queen of the yo-yo dieter (no really, I have the crown to prove it). And since my wedding almost a year ago (love you, Jeffrey xo), I've put back on the weight I'd lost. Because my handsome husband would love me at 300 pounds, I've let it slide - to the point where I'm scrounging in my closet looking for something - anything - that fits.

I hate that feeling.

Of course, weight gain impacts my confidence. It also affects my ability to write.

I should know this. After all, I polish my crown every couple of years when I've dropped 40 or found someone else's 20. It's in these times that my writing suffers.

But I've been down every diet road and at each turn come up to a dead end. I've trained with She-Ra unti l I couldn't afford her anymore (she rocked my world). I've been to Weight Watchers, suffered through the Berstein program, and followed the Curves diet to a point of obsession. I'm a runner. A cyclist. And I took a few years of boxing. Loved that (but that's a whole other blog post.)

Jessica suggested I try dance.

Dance? Me of the two left feet? I laughed. She didn't.

Ever since I can remember, I've loved dance. My cousin Larissa is stunning - tap, hip hop, contemporary...the girl is truly a beautiful dancer. My uncle Rick, my cousin Kile -- awesome moves. But I have always shied away from dance - even while coveting my So You Think You Can Dance? TV time and watching (much to hubby's dismay) all kinds of dance movies.

Truth be told, dancers intimidate me.

Jessica says that's part of what the dance community has cultivated (albeit somewhat inadvertently) - and it's an image she'd like to alter. J'Adore Dance aims to make dancing accessible - even for people with two left feet. It's clear Jess is passionate about her business, but more than that, she positively glows when she talks about dance.

It's infectious. Jessica is infectious.

And now, I'm signed up. For not one dance class, but several. Like Hip Hop. And Salsa. And, er, Naughty Hotties.

I know myself well enough to know that this new challenge, this commitment to wellness and health (more in another blog post), will inspire confidence. Even if I fall flat on my two left feet, I'll have broken out of my comfort zone - which always inspires me to write.

So, miss muse avatar, shall we dance?


The Book In My Bag Today: Haunted, Kelley Armstrong


  1. Woot!

    Best of luck on this! I know I'm hoping to sign up for salsa. I see Haunted in in your bookbag today...That's exactly what I'm reading right now too!

  2. haha. I love to dance. There's nothing better than feeding your creativity with some alternate passion! :o)

  3. Ahhh that's so awesome!! You are going to have SO much fun, you won't know what hit you :)

  4. Donna - salsa is Tuesday night. Coming? I'm loving Haunted...

    AA - I love to dance, too. I just wish I could actually DO it :-) Hopefully, Jess will cure me!

  5. Meaghan - I'm SUPER nervous :-) xo

  6. wish i lived near you so we could take classes together!

    before i wanted to be a writer i wanted to be a dancer. i took ballet for years and years and miss it so much.
    when the KidLit gets older, i will take up dance again - i've promised myself.

    i'm sure once you get in the groove with classes you will find it will inspire your creativity!

  7. I don't dance either. It's on my list of Things To Overcome, though. Maybe next a lot on my plate right now.

    Looking forward to reading your reports!

  8. It's great when friends inspire us to become better "us's" (just made up that word). Cheers to Jessica!

  9. Dawn, let me know how you like it. I just bought a dance/exercise DVD to try myself.

    Because of medications and ongoing health issues, I am having an awful time with the weight thing myself. Very frustrating and it really affects your self esteem. Like you, I have a wonderful husband who tells me I am beautiful. That doesn't take it all away, but it sure helps! {Hugs!}

  10. And tomorrow we begin! Our journey starts with Hip Hop and boy are you going to sweat! But you will love it! I can make anyone a "dance". Love ya babe! We'll sort through the health and writing blahs on the dance floor :)

  11. Sounds awesome! Put up a picture of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey on your wall and dance dance dance. LOL Mic ;-)

  12. *pushes Dawn off throne* No, I'M QUEEN! (teehee)--nice to not be alone though--I do exactly that--and LOVE the exercise to control it, I just seem to only be able to control the intake in spurts.

    I think that sounds FABULOUS! Naughty hotties! PERFECT! I love dance, and have done tons of aerobics over the years. Sadly, my current schedule doesn't really fit something in (though I could probably find a weekend class now that my kids are bigger.

    So I wish you the best of luck and hope it works for the writing, too!

  13. The creative inspires the creative! Go for it!

  14. Couldn't agree more, Dawn. Only recently a friend and I decided on a whim to sign up for Flamenco. Best decision ever! I wish you all the best and hope you get a lot out of it. We all need a bit of a boost to get those creative juices flowing, and what do they say? healthy body = healthy mind. none of that tortured, alcoholic artist crap eh? haha

    Best wishes

  15. Ohhhh! I want to live near you so I can go to Naughty Hotties with you!

    Seriously, I too, have two left feet and I would be TOTALLY intimidated to go to dance class. I think it's awesome of Jessica to want to alter that image. I really admire you for beng so brave.

    Rock on! ; )

  16. Sorry everyone - I was completely limited with Internet yesterday and unable to respond to posts!

    Vicki - I've been trying to *overcome* my fear of dancing for years. Too bad we can't do it together!

    Ah Mic, I should have known YOU would know I spent the day watching Dirty Dancing to prepare myself :-P LOL

    Thanks so much, Hart. I don't mind sharing the throne with you - though maybe this year we'll consider passing it on?

    Love ya, Rockstar. Thank you for your support - as always.

    Val - Flamenco sounds wonderful! I wonder if they have that here...

    Suzanne - I WISH you lived closer to go to Naughty Hotties with me, too. Jessica is pretty amazing - she'd have you feeling comfortable in no time, I bet.

  17. Ok, weird - I could have sworn I'd seen a response from Glinda...but it looks like a couple of my comments have...disappeared.

    What I was going to say to you, Glinda, is your husband is sweet, but you are also very special. I'm glad he supports you. xo

  18. yeah - my comment disappeared, too!

    i was just saying i wish i lived near you so we could go to these classes together!

  19. I knew I'd seen your comment yesterday and was confused why it was gone today. I agree, Mi. I bet we'd have FUN!

  20. Dawn, where are you? I'd love to drop in on Jessica's studio. J'adore danse aussi. Vraiment. But old age has rattled my nerve and goofed up my ability to remember the choreography for even a line dance. Keep me(us) posted, darling girl. You rock!

    xo The Countess of the Yo-Yo Weight Management Schtik