Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dance GPS: Hey, is there an app for this?

Sometimes I think it's a miracle I ever passed my driver's exam.

It's not that I'm a bad driver. Not in the slightest. It's just that at times, I'm directionally challenged. When I worked in agriculture, I got used to figuring out north and south - or even "turn at the red barn." But when it comes to left and right?


Not a problem though, since my trusty iPhone has a fabulous GPS application, complete without the whiny female voice yelling at me when I turn left instead of right.

Sadly, my iPhone is useless at J'Adore Dance.

It's the morning after my second Fit Hop class and friends, I'm a hurting unit. Jessica, my new She-Ra (sorry Tara) worked my butt off, and muscles I'd forgotten about are reminding me of their presence. Why hello abs - I couldn't feel you down there under that layer of fat.

I assumed I'd remember the steps from last week. Silly, silly Dawn. And in my ache-induced morning state, things are still a bit fuzzy.

Friends and family know I have no problem getting lost. I've tackled major highways in foreign countries, navigated my way across Canada and the United States, faced detours with nary a scratch. But "popping" my left shoulder when I should be "popping" the right? I'd rather stumble my way through a traffic circle - in rush hour.

Maybe it was the gloomy weather taunting me to stay home and dry, or perhaps I was feeling the strain of a highly emotional day. Either way, my fit hop felt a bit like a flop, despite laughing so hard my sides hurt (or maybe that's from the "scoop" step Jessica introduced last night.) Still, it's tough to get frustrated when Jessica is waving her hands in the air with a smile so wide you could fall in if you get too close.

I don't. Get too close, that is. I quite enjoy the back row, where I have the illusion of dancing in my living room. Jessica says she thinks that's where people are their most free, and when the best dancing emerges.

I'd recommend adding whiskey. (I wonder if I could come to class half corked? Just kidding, Jess!)

All joking aside, here's the thing: I felt kind of deflated last night, worried I was "never" going to pick up the steps or feel comfortable facing that wall of mirrors. But then I got an email from Jess - and my attitude changed.

She noticed a difference.

In me!

Not in technique, exactly. But definitely in spirit. How cool is that? Just two paragraphs of well-placed encouragement and I'm ready to tackle Salsa tonight.

But if anyone has seen an iPhone app for GPS that will help me with my dance navigation, you know where to find me. (In a hot tub somewhere soothing my sore muscles...)

The Book In My Bag Today: Kindred in Death, J.D. Robb


  1. Good on you for continuing....I am thinking if it wasn't challenging you get bored and wouldn't want to continue.
    By the end of the session you will have all the moves down pat....I am sure....keep going!

  2. It totally rocks that you are doing this dance workout! You have an instructor that emails you?? Dude, that's kind of awesome.

    I gained...wait for it...20 freaking pounds in 3 weeks on our vacation!! Chowders are evil. So, I need a dance-hoppy class...stat. I have a is mocking me as I type this. Treadmills are BORING. But I need to get my reentry chubby butt on it. But dancing sounds so much more fun!

    Soak those muscles...and have fun in salsa class! (does it count if I just EAT salsa?)


  3. Well despite some navigational challenges last night, you did so awesome babe! So proud of you for not giving up and coming back! Kasha is going to rock your world tonight at Salsa Burn! Remember the key to learning latin dances:

    Feet first
    Hips second
    Arms last

    Focus on the feet tonight and that is enough, ignore everything else Kasha says (well other then which direction to go...LOL...sorry couldn't resist!).

    PS it is my pleasure to send you motivation, especially when it was so well warranted! Something I love to do for clients, we all need to know someone if caring about us.

  4. I tried a dance workout but embarassed myself, so I stick with biking and running. Glad you're sticking with it.

  5. Thanks Sue! Looking forward to seeing you shake your hips on the dance floor tonight <3

    Lola - I *am* extremely lucky to have an instructor that emails me. I agree, treadmills ARE boring - so start eating more salsa and then get your butt to Salsa class. xo

    I adore you, Jess. Thank you for this experience and your support. I'm excited about Salsa tonight. Scared crapless about Naughty Hotties...but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

    Crimey - I embarrass myself every class but I've learned that at least at J'Adore Dance, everyone is too busy watching themselves than caring about my missteps.

  6. Yeah, maybe I'll join you tonight....BIG maybe :P

  7. Donna - I would LOVE for you to join me tonight. Honestly, it's so much fun. Hard work...but worth it.

  8. I do Zumba every where and I'm awful at it. I need dance moves too.

  9. WW - come visit! We'll go to Salsa together.

  10. i'm loving your dance updates!

    i know it's hard to ignore when you miss a step or go the wrong direction, especially when your aching muscles are a constant reminder that your body is rebelling, haha!
    but i think you are doing fabulously - even if only for the fact you are doing it!

    thanks for the inspiration - did you know you are my muse this week ;)

  11. I had a jazzercise instructor like that, very encouraging, even in the face of my ineptitude. That woman was a saint..... or hepped up on happy pills.

  12. Hope you had fun at salsa tonight

  13. I am directionally challenged, too. I go into a store and I turn left instead of right when I come out. Same goes for any vehicular navigation.

    You are so brave to post your dancing escapades here. I can't/don't/won't dance without being half (to three quarters) corked.

  14. there's an app for everything now. don't get me started about my navigational deficit disorder! But I can dance :-j

  15. BUWAHAHAHAHA! I have a good friend who says I am the smartest person she knows who doesn't know left from right. In my defense, I can do it in a CAR because left is the one where you have to cross traffic and my sense of North, South, East West is actually pretty good--but I LOVE hearing that other people have left/right challenges!

  16. Mi - your muse? I am flattered...and speechless. Thank you. xo

    RT - roflmao@ "That woman was a saint..... or hepped up on happy pills." That would explain SO much. I'm drug testing Jessica :-)

    Jamie - I DID have fun, though I BURN this morning.

    Vicki - I'm glad to know I am not alone in my directional challenge. Thanks for the comment - brave? Maybe. But I also know that if I DON'T post it, it's much harder for me to be accountable.

    Jan - Figures you can're like multi-talented squared.

    Hart - we should start a club. I'll be the president unless you want it :-)