Monday, July 19, 2010

Love the way you inspire

I've got the new Eminem song stuck in my head.

I first heard Love the Way You Lie yesterday while driving home from WordsWorth. Since then, I've downloaded it and listened to it more than a dozen times. Yeah, I've been known to obsess like that.

There are very few Eminem songs on my playlist - despite a crazy crush on him about ten years ago, I never truly latched on to his music save a few of the most popular songs. But this new one, featuring the haunting voice of Rihanna on the chorus, seems to be stuck on replay.

I may not agree with everything Eminem does or says, but I can't argue with his personal drive. Eminem understands about chasing the dream, pulling out all stops to beat the odds.

Truth be told, he's inspired me in the past. I've watched 8-Mile. I've listened to the lyrics of songs like Lose Yourself and turned up the volume more than once when my butt threatened to leave the chair in favour of something less...difficult.

In many ways, his life story is inspirational - against some heavy-duty obstacles, Eminem has made it.

And let's face it, he ain't hard on the eyes.

I've blogged about music and lyrics before, and how they often inspire me. On this latest track, Eminem has fun playing with words (even though the song itself is slightly disturbing):

But you lied again
Now you get to watch her leave

Out the window
Guess that's why they call it window pane

I've resigned myself to the fact that Love the Way You Lie will repeat in my head and on my iPod until I get sick of it. So I might as well enjoy the scenery while I'm going through this latest obsession.

Welcome to muse avatar duty, Eminem. Please send some of that crazy writing mojo my way, huh?

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The Book In My Bag Today: Kindred in Death, J.D. Rob


  1. I'll have to check out his movie, I love to be inspired. Thanks.

  2. Here's where my musical ignorance is going to rear its ugly head. Eminem did a song a year or so ago that I liked (don't ask me what it was unless you want me to sing it back to you).

    THEN I learned it was him I groaned. I don't know anything about the man, but I was comfortable thinking I hated his music and now I have to reconsider. (sigh) Keep him busy this week so maybe I'll have a chance to sort out my feelings over here. LOL

  3. Candy - anytime, sugar. Your contest IS epic :-)

    Jan - it's not for the weak-at-heart...but I enjoyed it. A "harder" look at following dreams.

    Vicki - He tends to bring out conflicting emotions, including my own. Even the song that currently has me obsessed is conflicting. It's harsh - and yet, I *get* the message. I'll do my best to keep him occupied ;-)

  4. Love this Muse girl!! I have always been a drooler for Eminem! if anyone can kick butt into writing, he can!! <3

  5. I get the Eminem thing, hon. I never thought I'd like Kid Rock and there are some songs I crank to the hilt.
    Enjoy your obsession while it's lasts. :-)

  6. Drool worthy :-) Love that, Karen. LOL I sure hope you're right about kicking my butt. <3

    Jamie - I totally agree about Kid Rock. Not in my faves, normally, but I love a couple of songs. My obsession will last about a week - though, my hubby may erase the song off my iPod if I'm not careful :-)

  7. i don't consider myself a huge eminem fan, but i agree with you that you cannot deny the fact the boy is DRIVEN. his story is inspiring.

  8. I'm not really a rap fan, but I also find the Eminem STORY inspiring. I've worked in Detroit Schools, and it amazes me ANYBODY makes it. It think he's smart and has a way with lyrics (and brutal honesty) that I can appreciate, even if I'm not a giant fan of how they are usually performed.

  9. Hart - so well said. The honesty of his lyrics can be harsh, but so many people can relate to them. Like you, rap is not my genre of choice, but I can appreciate quality writing and a source of inspiration in any genre.

  10. I like Eminem quite a bit. In the same way you do. Some of his music, mostly for his sass. I live about 15 miles from where he grew up. Visitors from out of town sometimes want to go there to see what it's like. Detroit is no picnic.

  11. RT - I love your comment. I'm listening to that song for the 100th time today and thinking about watching 8 Mile tonight. Yeah, when I get on the bandwagon, I fall hard :0) I admit, if I visited, I'd be tempted to see what it's like as well.

  12. I loves me some Eminem. :)

    Nice muse choice.