Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wanted: bum glue

I need a massive supply of Bum Glue.

Like, enough to keep my arse stuck to a chair (or couch, or bench) until I complete all of my "first three chapter" works in progress. Enough, even, to allow me the opportunity to try new things - the ideas churned out by my ever-processing imagination factory. 

Bryce Courtney believes Bum Glue is the fundamental key to a successful writing career. More important than craft. More integral, even, than plot and characterization.

He's right. I have a million awesome ideas making rounds through the imagination factory tunnels, but none of them will see the light of day until I can find a way to keep myself planted in front of the computer. For more than just checking status updates.

Got some extra Bum Glue? I'm willing to pay top dollar...

1 comment:

  1. When you find a source for this stuff, let me know and I'll buy it by the liter. No! By quantities large enough to fill a swimming pool.

    BTW, posted you as a "Writerly Friend" link on my blog. Doubt it'll drive you traffic, but we can hope. :)