Monday, October 26, 2009

Thief of hearts

On the "new" Melrose Place, Shaun Sipos plays David, the son of Dr. Mancini (yes, THE Dr. Mancini) - and an aspiring art thief.

Shaun has an appreciation for the finer things in life. He likes glittering jewels and antique art, expensive sports cars and fine clothes.

He's also willing to take a beating.

That's what makes "David" the perfect avatar for my muse this week. His love of fine art might be just what I need to kick back into Genius Mode. My appreciation of his style could be the reminder I need to keep working out. And his illustrious career as a thief leads me to believe he'll make my distractions "disappear."

That, of course, and his willingness to take on any emotional, mental, or physical obstacles that may come my way. 

And though he looks a little "pretty" in this picture, his on screen appearance fits my whole "bad boy" muse criteria. I really am starting to enjoy Mondays.

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