Monday, October 12, 2009

Kick ass muse

Vin Diesel has never been on my list of top 10 Hollywood hunks, though I appreciated him fully in the Fast and Furious.

But this week I needed a tough-guy muse avatar. Someone I felt confident would shit kick insecurity and help detox the obstacles standing in the way of my week's writing goals. 

Vin is an apt choice.

He's already promised to muscle his way into my heart and rip out the ache someone seems to have planted there. He isn't strong enough to take care of the memories, but his arms will embrace the pain and try to ease the hurt. I can only ask so much of an avatar.

I'm counting on him to act as a roadblock for what promises to be a difficult week. He'll need to stand up against insecurity, arm-wrestle with confusion, and kick away self doubt. But even more than that, he'll need to stop me from impulse, and help me deal with a loss so tremendous I don't even know where to begin rebuilding. He'll need to help me through denial, acceptance, anger, and eventually forgiveness.

Oh yeah, and he'll need to help me focus on writing.

I know, I've asked a lot of - but I think this muse is up for the task. 


  1. Yeah, he's a tough guy allright. But guess what? You make him look like a weenie. Seriously, Dawn, you underestimate your own strength. Just know that I don't.



  2. J, You always know just what to say, hon. Thank you.