Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Espionage

Last year was my first crack at the A-Z Blogging Challenge, a blogging phenomenon created by the amazing Arlee Bird. The object is to blog every day of the month of April (except Sundays), and to increase the challenge, to blog thematically from A to Z. No sweat, right? Last year, I blogged about music with Jessica Bell. This year, I'm heading back to my roots and blogging about all things thriller. Join me?
*     *    *

Did you know that The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum is credited for being the first thriller written in the style we know today? 

I loved that book - and pretty much every book in the Bourne series, not to mention Matt Damon in the movies. Action, romance, espionage. How can you go wrong? 

By simple definition, spy fiction is a genre that focusses on spy-like activities, and general tales of espionage. Of course, the genre has been around a lot longer than The Bourne Identity - it's actually one of the most popular sub genres of thriller, with the Bond character making almost everyone's "top spy" lists. 

There's something interesting about espionage. People like to know secrets - especially those unable to keep them.

I confess, when I was younger, I wanted to be a spy. Didn't you? I used to be relatively good at keeping secrets. I'm fascinated by people who work at organizations like the CIA - in real life and in fiction. I love reading real stories about espionage. But for some reason this is not a genre I've attempted...yet.

That said, I'm addicted to the TV show Homeland, and I see at least a short story about espionage in my very near future.

So - got a favorite Bond? I love Sean Connery. Yes, even over Daniel Craig.

- Dawn


  1. I moved from Ludlum right into Le Carre.

  2. Oh, I love spy stuff, and Ludlum was a MASTER. I'm bothered somebody ELSE is writing under his name now, but the stuff that's really him--he's FABULOUS. I definitely love the spy genre, too. I don't feel like I have a large enough information base to WRITE them, but I love them.

    1. I never fully sign on to another author writing for a popular author - I CAN tell the difference. Agree that Ludlum - the real one - is fabulous.

  3. Connery will always be Bond. And I've enjoyed the Bourne books and movies as well.

  4. My fave Bond film is the first one I saw in theaters. You Only Live Twice, with Connery!