Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Absolution...and Arlee...and Adam

Last year was my first crack at the A-Z Blogging Challenge, a blogging phenomenon created by the amazing Arlee Bird. The object is to blog every day of the month of April (except Sundays), and to increase the challenge, to blog thematically from A to Z. No sweat, right? Last year, I blogged about music with Jessica Bell. This year, I'm heading back to my roots and blogging about all things thriller. Join me?
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The first real book I ever wrote was called ABSOLUTION. I say real, because before it, there were a couple of feeble attempts - a middle grade titled JACK OF HEARTS, a really bad romance called CARNIVAL DREAMS, and a book of horrible poetry that never quite made it to my parent's coffee table. It's okay, I understand. 

Here's the premise for ABSOLUTION:

CAIT WILLIS expects weird, especially as a reporter for Skeptic Magazine, but when her newest assignment to debunk one of the world's most sacred Christian rituals turns deadly, she uncovers a conspiracy tracing from Hollywood's elite to the runways of Milan, where she must nail a killer before he commits the ultimate sin.

ABSOLUTION has since been re-named BLOOD OF THE FALLEN and you can read an excerpt of it here. Don't get too attached though - the book is going through a major overhaul following some advice from my mentors.

My "career" as a thriller writer has been blessed. Several years ago, I attended my first Maui Writer's Conference and was placed in a class with the incredibly talented Gary Braver. To this day, I don't know that I would have pursued a career in writing without Gary's encouragement, enthusiasm, and absolute belief in me. 

Subsequent conferences led me to other amazing mentors, like Steve Berry and James Rollins. Both have given me invaluable advice not only for this book, but also writing thriller. 

Having met the deadline (whoop!) for two of my other (non-thriller) writing projects, I'm excited to get back to Cait's world.

Providing I make it through this year's A-Z Blogging Challenge. To help me, is this week's muse avatar, Adam Levine. A perfect A muse, no?

Doing the challenge? Comment with your link and I'll come check it out! Happy blogging...and happy first day of April.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: Scarlet, Melissa Meyer

P.S. - It's Monday, so I also have to do my weekly resolution stats. Factoring in being super super sick, not too shabby!

2013 Resolutions Stats

Total words last week: 10,477 
Total words to date for 2013: 68,239

Total pounds lost for week: 0 (Damn Easter Eggs)
Total pounds lost to date for 2013: 26

Books read last week: 0 (this is horrible! But deadlines were met. That deserves a reward.)
Total books read to date for 2013: 6

Movies watched last week: 0
Movies watched to date in 2013: 4


  1. Adam seems to be a popular subject for letter A. LOL Nice pic!

    1. I would have guessed that. LOL. I need to go on a hunt for them!

  2. nice. i'm still in the dream phase of writing...