Monday, January 14, 2013

The return of the muse - again

Experts claim it takes 21 days to form a habit. 21 days to not dread going to the gym, or stop craving a Diet Coke when you've resolved to quit. Three weeks. How hard can that be?

Pretty hard, actually.

I'm one week shy of that magical number of 21, but I'm feeling confident about the goals I've set for 2013.

It hasn't been easy and if ever there was any time I needed the push, it was last week. A series of long, complex meetings for the day job made working out and powering through those daily 1370 words - challenging.

But I like a challenge.

I've been trying to nail down what's different this time, why I seem to be more dedicated to the resolutions. I think it might actually have something to do with the reason for both of my major resolutions: Taking care of me.

Last year was a bit of a roller coaster - some major ups, and a couple of heartbreaking downs. I'm not quite over those yet, but I'm woman enough to know it's time to move on. At the end of the day, I spent far too much time trying to make others happy - and forgot that there were aspects of myself that needed work. Instead of wallowing into 2013, I employed some tools for success.

For the 50 pounds challenge, I engaged the help of a trainer, the extremely healthy and uber fit daughter of one of my closest friends. She's actually not a fitness professional, but I admire her attitude and commitment to her health - and she's changing my life. Because of Megan, I've developed a different attitude toward food and exercise. Instead of following the latest fad - as I am apt to do - I'm actually re-learning how to eat right, how to exercise properly, how to be healthy. Two weeks into my resolve I can feel, and see, the difference. Now that's motivation.

On the writing front, I've also had a change of heart. I've started working on three projects at once, but capping it at that (big change for me), and must write my 1370 words on those three projects only - until they are complete. When I get stuck on one, I open the other. While some days have been easier than others, the writing is getting done. Every day. My husband has been a huge help, as well. He knows that I have 1370 words to complete - so he gives me the space I need to complete them. Makes dinner. Brings me coffee. Rubs my shoulder with encouragement.

I've had to stop obsessing over first-draft "perfection" and just get the story out. I tend to get hung up on...the words magically aligning or something.

And of course, there's always the muse. 

I've had less time for TV. What doesn't get watched while I'm on the elliptical, stays on the PVR until I DO have down time. The Vampire Diaries returns to Thursdays this week, and though I've been a little off that show since my stepdaughter moved out and we no longer watch it together, Ian Somerhalder has a permanent place on my muse avatar roster.

Check out those eyes. It's like he's watching me. Well okay then, Ian, watch me haul ass on those 1370 words a day this week and supervise me during Megan's crazy awesome workout program. I don't mind. Really. Go forth and inspire. And watch really closely...

Happy Monday!

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: An Abundance of Katherines, John Green

2013 Resolutions Stats

Wordcount (Jan 7-14): 9,597 Total words to date for 2013: 17,397
Total pounds lost: 2 Total pounds lost for 2013: 5
Books Completed (reading): 0
Movies Watched: 0
Pamper Moment: Buying myself a new moleskin notebook
Calendar worthy pictures: 0 

Note: While I have not completed reading a book yet, I have two on the go and am almost finished both. I have not watched any movies, but have caught up on some TV, which, in essence, is also research for my craft. And lastly, while I have not taken any "calendar-worthy" pics, I have taken a lot of pics, especially while hubs and I snowshoe, our new obsession.

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