Monday, January 21, 2013

A PUREly awesome muse (cheesy, I know)

I love James Purefoy.


I've loved him since the movie A Knight's Tale, and even pretend cast him in the role of my protagonist's love interest should the book ever be optioned for television. A pipe dream at the time, because a) the book wasn't optioned and b) he's a movie star, right?

Oh, how things have changed. Although the book was optioned for development of a TV show, I'm not quite optimistic enough to think James Purefoy would be cast for a role. BUT, James is heading back to TV - TONIGHT. Yeah, I know, he's been there before, but this fantastic evening is the premiere of a new series I am freaking stoked about - The Following. It's a thriller starring James as the serial killer and Kevin Bacon as the cop. Kevin Bacon! Jump back!

The hype around this show, and it's penchance for all things horror, has me dancing on tippy toes with anticipation. "Too much for mainstream TV?" Now that's a question from the critics I'm itching to know the answer to, as well.

I'm probably more excited about this show than I am still upset about the cancellation of 24. Yeah, I know it was years ago (I'm still reeling), and they two shows have nothing in common, except that their leading men have a huge place in my heart. (I miss you Jack Bauer!) But the emotions of happiness and sadness are virtually on parallel.

James is a perfect muse avatar today, as I launch into the third week of January and a year of resolutions. Not only will his near-perfect image fuel my imagination, but James' premiere on The Following tonight has inspired me to pound out today's words quickly so I can actually watch the show live. And then again on the PVR.

Holy cow, it had better be good.

This past week was tough slugging. My crazy trainer upped the workout regime, offering more pain - and more of a time commitment. The day job required extra attention to finish off a couple of cool projects, which meant some weekend work. Eating healthy means more time cooking and meal planning. And writing 9,590 words, well, that proved to be a challenge.

But I did it.

That's enough to make me smile on what is statistically supposed to be the saddest day of the year.

Happy Blue Monday!

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown

2013 Resolutions Stats

Wordcount (Jan 7-14): 9,600 
Total words to date for 2013: 26,997

Total pounds lost: 3
Total pounds lost for 2013: 8

Books Completed (reading): 1 (Review this week)

Movies Watched: 0

Pamper Moment: Yikes! Forgot.

Calendar worthy pictures: 0 - but wow, have I been having fun on Instagram.

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