Monday, January 28, 2013

Encouragement from the muse

I was lucky enough to spend the past weekend with my niece, which meant a lot of baking I can't eat, plenty of laughter, and watching several movies I have never seen - plus a couple we've both watched a few times, but could watch 100 times more.

Among them, DRIVE, starring this week's muse avatar Ryan Gosling.

My husband hates this movie - the lack of dialogue from Gosling, his monotone movement, the missing non-stop action. I get it - people either love DRIVE or they hate it.

I'm in the former category. It was one of my favorite movies in 2012, and when I'm not begging friends to watch it, it's a good standby when hubs isn't home. Truthfully, it's the kind of movie I'd someday like to write.

Of course, it's a little out of my wheelhouse. I'm usually drawn to commercial thrillers, romantic comedies, or yeah, action-packed flicks, especially ones with fast cars.

While I wouldn't exchange a single minute of time I spent with my niece this weekend, I admit, my writing resolution goal wasn't met for the week. I was actually 4010 words short.

At first, I got nervous. I mean, for 21 days, I'd written the equivalent of 1370 words a day, telling myself that as long as the weekly number hit the mark, I'd reach my 500,000 words in 2013 goal. Would missing 4,000 words mean the end of that resolution, before the end of the first month?

Of course not!

Missing the mark just reminded me that I am going to have days that 1370 words isn't achievable. Last week, the day job was very demanding. We celebrated an important milestone for my husband. And, instead of writing, I've been hanging with my niece doing non-writerly things.

Today is a clean slate. Each day this week, I'm aiming for 1942 words, which will not only make up for a few days of slacking last week, but also the 4010 words I missed last week. The timing couldn't be more perfect since I'm working on a new project (along with two other projects) and the words are flying off the page.

Especially with Ryan cheering me on from sidelines. Thanks guy. You're a true inspiration.

Have a great week.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown

2013 Resolutions Stats

Wordcount: 5,510
Total words to date for 2013: 32,507

Total pounds lost: 3
Total pounds lost for 2013: 11

Books Completed (reading): 1

Movies Watched: - 4 (Perks of Being a Wallflower, Wreck It Ralph, Brave and Drive)

Pamper Moment: Bought a bottle of Director's Cut wine made by Francis Ford Coppola. pamper moments seem to be alcohol infused :-/

Calendar worthy pictures: 0 - Yup, this one needs some work

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