Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's all Greek to me

I'll be honest, ever since Jessica told me she'd booked a flight from Greece to Canada to see me (in 44 sleeps, not that I'm counting), I've been clinging to all things Greek to take my mind off what has been a tough, tough week.

Without going into great detail, my amazing stepdad suffered a stroke, and while he is beginning the (long) road to recovery, it's been an emotional and frankly, scary time.

But there IS light at the end of the tunnel. For my stepdad, certainly.

And for me, there's been an outpouring of genorosity from my family and friends.

With Jessica's impending visit (44 sleeps, not that I'm counting), it seems fitting that after long days at the hospital, I've been fortunate to spend time with my awesome friend Sue and her good friend Paul. Not only is Paul Greek (and an incredible guy), he is a wonderful chef, and tonight, after a  tough day at the hospital, I'm more than grateful to come "home" to a wonderful meal (and I do mean WONDERFUL) and a delicious glass of Greek wine (Kretikos, Jess, in case you're wondering).

Great wine. Incredible food. Amazing friends.

A recipe to help get my mind off the tough stuff.

And a fitting reminder (not that I could forget) that in 44 sleeps, I'll be enjoying a glass of wine with my amazing Australian (not a typo) friend Jess, who will be flying here from Greece. From GREECE.

Just two weeks ago, Jess and I lamented how cool it would be to peruse Vine Leaves submissions over a glass of wine. See, dreams really do come true.

- Dawn

The Book in My Bag Today: Survival in Death, J.D Robb

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    So glad you found your way out of the hospital and your step will recover. What a relief! It'll be hard for him, but he will get there eventually :)