Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book #5: One for the Money

Yeah, I know, I'm only 15 or so years behind the 8-ball.

My Mom, my cousin, half my bloody family has been reading Janet Evanovich for years, raving about the Stephanie Plum books and casting sideways glances my way whenever I admitted to not yet reading them.

(Sidenote: At every used book sale, I searched for a Janet Evanovich book, but her novels hardly ever turn up in the second-hand piles. I once settled for a non-Stephanie Plum book and am ashamed to admit, it was one of the many, many novels I started but did not complete last year.)

I'll admit, it wasn't my family's harassment (and finger pointing) that urged me to finally pick up the first book of the series, One for the Money. It was this movie trailer:

Looks good, right?

The book's pretty good, too.

I don't know what I was expecting - maybe something less funny, or more thriller-esque. One for the Money isn't gritty or raw, it's not heart-poundingly scary, and Stephanie Plum isn't at all like Eve Dallas, one of my fave heroines (see Book #4 review). But it does have its merits.

Janet Evanovich is a damn good writer, and I'm envious of her seemingly effortless ability to infuse humor. I laughed out loud throughout the quick read, and after watching the trailer again, I bet I'll laugh during the movie, too. (I'm shocked this hasn't been made into a movie sooner, actually.)

Female bounty hunters seem to be a theme for protagonists in recent books, TV shows and movies, and I'm sure Katherine Heigl will make a brilliant Stephanie Plum. (She's a great actress anyway, and the role would be fun, I imagine.)

The trailer pretty much sums up what the book is about - Plum is down and out, no career, no car, hardly any furniture. She hits up her cousin Vinnie for a job as a recovery agent, pretty ambitious for a girl who doesn't know how to shoot a gun. She takes down a few "bad" guys, but has a bit more trouble nabbing her main target, the handsome and elusive Joe Morelli.

I enjoyed the chemistry between these two, and can see how Morelli might become a recurring love interest. Plum's character arc is solid, leaving room for further growth throughout the series. I liked her - and the book - well enough to pick up Two for the Dough next time I'm in a book store.

And yes, I will be going to see the movie.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: Tunnel Vision, Gary Braver


  1. I've read one Stephanie Plum and it was low on plot but GREAT on character and writing style. This is definitely cozy mystery, which surprised me, too, before I read it. I just hadn't thought Cozies had viral potential (I'm glad they do, writing them and all). But yeah, Heigl is a great match. I should read some of the early ones, as I feel like the one I read was just a little tired--scrapping for fresh when she's written so many with the same characters.

  2. Hart - really great comment. I'd worried the rest of the series would be same-old, same-old, which is why I'm not rushing out to buy it, but like you, I was surprised - and pleased - at the potential of the Cozy Mystery. (PS - your write excellent cozy mysteries...)

  3. I'm totally seeing this movie AND getting into that book series.
    If Kobo will let me buy it.
    (Currently disgruntled Kobo customer.)

    1. I am ALSO a disgruntled Kobo customer. My device broke :-(
      Let me know what you think of the series...and the movie <3

  4. you know what I read for the first time? A Nora Roberts novel. You're making me think of that because I remember feeling like, she was such a clever writer. And even thought the story was just okay, nothing earth-shaking, I was impressed by her writing skill. And she just churns them out, yes? I'm looking forward to this movie, too~ :o) <3

    1. Your FIRST Nora Roberts novel? Wow. I've read them all...I think. I agree, sometimes they are light on plot, but she makes up for it in spades with clever writing. Her impressive - and loyal - fan following is awe-inspiring! And yes, she churns them out...on her own. I'm a little envious. <3

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    1. Having read your MS, I think this book would appeal to you, my dear.