Friday, December 2, 2011

My NaNo hang over, a contest, and other holiday goodies

I'm suffering a bad NaNoWriMo hangover, my friends. Yes, even though it's been two days since the deadline.

And uh, no, I didn't complete the challenge. I did not write 50,000 words of a single project. Not even close. I didn't even write 30,000 words of a bunch of projects.

I'm trying not to beat myself up over that, and remain thrilled for (and only slightly jealous of) the thousands of writers from around the world who are now using their NaNo Winner badge as their Facebook profile pic. In truth, I am happy - and in awe - of all of you. Congratulations!

My hangover comes more from processing all of the new ideas that filtered through my mind and somehow became Works in Progress (WIPs) during November while I was staring at the blank page that should have been my NaNo submission.

So what the heck was I doing in November? Good question. Here's the list:

(Oh, and I'll call myself out before a number of my blogging pals - you know who you are - do it for me. 80% of this list happened in the last week or so of the month. The first half is kind of a blur...)

I followed and cheered on the amazingly talented Jessica Bell, whose astounding blog tour for her debut novel String Bridge must have set records for sheer blogger support. Read about her success here.

I continued marketing for my children's book Fields of Home, journaling at Chase Duffy's blog, and updating the Facebook (Chase Superman Duffy) and Twitter (SupermanDuffy) feeds. Not following him? I'd appreciate the support. The second book in the series, Gotta Jet, is slated for January, 2012.

I wrote posts for Bridge Social Media, the company I co-own with the brilliant Judith Graves. Never heard of us? Our clients include Leap Books (for the Spirited anthology release), Jessica Bell and the recently-completed (and successful) Crossroads Tour. Need some social media marketing help? Consider Bridge in the New Year. (And watch for Judith's second book in her SKINNED series, Second Skin, to be released in February!)

I critiqued for the awesome Donna Milward, who just completed her second book, Aphrodite's War last week. If you thought her debut novel Thoeba was great, wait until you get your hands on this one. Brilliant. (And last week, I even exchanged pages with her...which means, I did write something in November.)

I read - and provided feedback - for the awesome Hart Johnson whose cozy mystery is in final stages of edits and coming to a bookstore near you very soon.

I began a bucketload of edits for my novel, Blood of the Fallen and am sitting, uncomfortably, on some big news with respect to that project. I promise to share soon! (Well, as soon as it gets with this industry...)

I wrote random chapters for my YA, Heartless, Jack of Hearts, and two secret projects. (Really, I'm only keeping them secret from my husband so he doesn't get on my case for having too much on the go...)

I brainstormed several new collaborative projects with Judith Graves, which I'm sure will keep us both busy in the New Year. (She tried to go "dark" to finish her Second Skin edits but we have this crazy energy about us that just breeds new ideas.)

I mapped out two new projects with my friend Kyle Kerr, one of the greatest undiscovered talents in the literary world. Seriously, when he gets writing, he will blow your mind. Lucky me, we've got a script treatment completed (thanks to him) and a book in the works. Or maybe it's multiple scripts and multiple books? Oy. Good thing his whip is less deadly than Judith's!

I launched my Christmas countdown on my other blog. Not following me there? Please do...I'm sharing holiday crafts, recipes, and general holiday cheer. Not to mention a book prize of epic proportions! Come join me for an eggnog latte.

And oh, I launched an online literary journal with Jessica Bell. Because, you know, we don't have enough on our plates. Vine Leaves combines my love of editing, my passion for writing, and my deep desire to work on something cool with one of the most talented writers I know. How could I resist? Our first issue submission deadline is December 15, 2011. If you haven't checked us out, please do. I bet you've got a vignette you could submit.

Of course, November was also filled with the business that comes with my amazing day job at Theatre Alberta, and spending time with my awesome family.

I'm still bummed about not completing NaNo, but looking at this list gives me a bit of confidence - I wasn't just sitting on my ass all month. Maybe I should for December --

* ducks *

Just kidding!

But I AM going to take some time to read this December, and spend some quality holiday hours with my family. (And I'm going to be an aunty...eep! So excited!)

Happy December!

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern


  1. Um i think you have earned some time to relax in december :) love ya!

  2. That is some list. o.O You're amazing!

  3. Vine Leaves was a big project - don't knock yourself about not finishing Nano!

  4. Thanks Tiffer, love and miss you <3

    Judith: I have amazing partners :-)

    Thanks Alex. It IS a big project, but so worth it. I'm the luckiest girl in the world :-)