Friday, December 30, 2011

Book 1: Mockingjay

And we're off!

I chose Mockingjay to kick off the 100 Books in 2012 challenge. It's been sitting on shelf for a few months, waiting for me to bust through this "non-reading" phase.

After the brilliance of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games and Catching Fire, I figured the third in the series required my full attention - and it's taken until this new challenge for me to give it.

I wasn't disappointed.

As with the previous two books, Mockingjay is filled with the same shocking twists, emotional turns, and masterful storytelling I've come to expect from this author. The kind of writing that makes me ache with envy.

And get me off my butt. Collins' skill is inspirational.

I'd be lying if I said Mockingjay lived up to Hunger Games, but how could it? Quite often, the first in a series is the best - and in so many ways, Hunger Games is flawless. Collins knows just when to tug on the heart strings, and the craft of character development. This remains true throughout the series, but I didn't quite feel quite the same urgency as with Hunger Games.

Still, if you're as far behind as I am and have yet to read Mockingjay, I'd slide it up to the top of your TBR pile. Regardless if it's my favourite in the series, it's still one hell of a great book.

Special thanks to my niece Bailey for "coveting" this copy for me - I'll take you to the movie to make up for it...xo

- Dawn

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  1. I'm always amazed at how authors can follow up epic first novels in series. I couldn't even write one epic novel LOL But you are definitely inspiring me to keep going with the trilogy :)

  2. ess - you'll LOVE the trilogy :-) I agree - it's hard to imagine following up a book like Hunger Games. Collins is a true talent though. Let me know what you think of Mockingjay when you read it.

  3. This book is haunting, profoundly moving capstone on Collins' Hunger Games trilogy. Katniss' emotions are raw and palpable. Collins' portrayal of human lust for power and its terrible consequences distinguishes this series from other dystopian novels. I was simply moved to tears at the novel's conclusion. A truly beautiful story with unforgetable characters.

    1. Thanks for commenting Canada! I agree with much of your assessment :-)