Monday, February 7, 2011

Revved up for my muse

While watching the Superbowl with handsome hubby last night, I drooled over saw a commercial for a NEW Fast and the Furious movie, due out this April.

April is a long ways away, my friends.

I recognize there isn't a lot of substance in the Fast and the Furious franchise of movies - the actors won't win Oscars, the plots aren't complex, the dialogue is cheesy.

But each movie (except the second) contains three things I love: hot cars, Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker.

A few years, and two dogs, husband and stepdaughter ago, I owned a Toyota Celica, TRD. For those that don't speak Toyota, the TRD stands for "Toyota Racing Division" - which the smart salesman up-sold me on despite the fact I live in a city that sees seven (or more) months of winter. Perhaps he capitalized on the drool, or I had "wanna-be-race-car-driver" tattooed on my forehead. Either way...

I miss that car. I miss smoking unsuspecting drivers off the stoplight. I miss the feel of cornering "like it's on rails." I miss knocking down a three-hour drive to two (or less) when the road conditions are prime. My SUV doesn't quite cut it.

But as my husband would point out, a Celica isn't the most family-oriented car and I wouldn't exchange them for the adrenaline rush of shifting gears.

Most days.

I spent this weekend at WordsWorth, an amazing camp for young writers who believe in the power of words. Not only was I inspired by the young participants (whose writing would knock your socks off), I spent time with Owen Percy (Alberta poet) and Judith Graves (Alberta paranormal author), both of whom fired me up about my current WIP.

I'm still hyped by the creative energy and new friendships formed at WordsWorth, but now that we've gone our separate ways (and it's Monday), I'm back to leaning on my muse avatar.

Not that it's a bad thing. I mean, Paul certainly looks strong enough to catch my fall... And I already know he can drive fast cars. I just need him to channel some of that adrenaline my way and help me find the energy - and time - to light a fire under that WIP.

The Book in My Bag Today: Bloodthirsty, Flynn Meaney


  1. So....

    Which is hotter? The guy? Or the car?

  2. wow! another F&F? I saw the first one and liked it, but I never thought they'd keep it going. Of course PW's smokin hot, so I'm not complaining~ :D

  3. PW is in the 2nd, but not the 3rd... :)

    That's great that you got a shot of inspiration from the other authors and the kids!

  4. Ooo! I love driving fast!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. I'm jealous of the inspirational boost!