Monday, February 28, 2011

Age old muse

I've had a thing for Robert Downey Junior since Grade 7, which is a long time ago, my friends. I admit, I wasn't an active stalker during his troubled times, but since he made his big re-entry into Hollywood as Iron Man, I admit to being back on the RDJ bandwagon.

And after watching him at the Oscars last night, felt compelled to make him this week's muse avatar.

Of course, I'm not his only long-term fan. My friend Cristy and I "virtually" watched the Academy Awards together, commenting on fashion and hot movie stars via Facebook chat - fitting considering The Social Network received so many nominations.

While we didn't agree with many of the winning selections (though, ignorance played a part from my perspective...I have yet to see most of the movies nominated), Cristy and I did agree on this: RDJ is looking damn fine.

So, this week's muse avatar is dedicated to Cristy, who not only has stood by him (and me) through the ups and downs, but also filled my inbox with especially yummy pictures of RDJ before I went to sleep. Talk about a wonderful nightcap!

Robert has a big task at hand. The "big" deadline looms at the end of the month, a second doozer 30 days after that - not to mention a short story deadline for an anthology I've been accepted into, and another new project (tee hee) with the awesome Judith Graves.

I foresee many a late nights this week - I'll be leaning on RDJ for support. Not to worry, Cris, I'll share.

The Book In My Bag Today: Heartsick, Chelsea Cain

ONE MORE SLEEP until the new Chelsea Cain book is out. WOOT!


  1. You work best under fire.
    You. Love. Deadlines.
    'nuff said.

    When all is said and done, we're going out for a fine supper.
    Hmm Melting Pot?

    oh, and your muse is bloody HOT in a rough, worked over, out of bed mussed look. minus the disgusting ciggy.

  2. Oh my yes. Good choice Dawn!!! I use him as my Naughty Hottie muse... :)

  3. He's one of those men that just keeps getting better with age and he most certain deserves the oscar and his place as avatar! lol

  4. He is a good looking man. I'm glad he cleaned himself up. Hopefully Charlie Sheen can do the same..

  5. good luck w/your deadlines. Yes RDJ has been on my list a long long time. But Jude Law was catching my eye Sunday night... I know! :D <3