Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A muse for the two of us

Whenever a holiday lands on a Monday, I kind of inadvertently erase the day from existence - and many traditions that are supposed to make that day of the week tolerable often fall by the wayside.

Such was the case for this week's muse avatar.

I've done far too much groveling as of late to beg for your forgiveness, so I'm hoping this picture of Andy Whitfield will soften the edge of disappointment.

Whitfield is Spartacus on the Stars Network series of the same name. I've actually never seen the show, but my new co-worker (and friend) has gushed about Andy before, and this morning, we previewed the trailer for the series.

Uh. I'm hooked. Big.

Aside from Spartacus' rugged handsomeness, he looks tough, right? I could use a tough guy this week to help me plow through a number of personal and professional projects that keep piling up. Not that I'm complaining - this kind of energy is what I thrive on. But this morning, I'm working on about an hour's worth of sleep, and the week - though short - feels waaayyyy long.

Between support from muse avatar/hottie Andy and co-worker/friend Erinne (who plans to torture me by bringing into work the first season of this show) I should be able to juggle the projects into some kind of priority list.

So in light of Erinne's first week at the Young Alberta Book Society, and as a thank you for introducing me to the awesomeness that is Spartacus, this week's muse avatar is dedicated to her. (She accepts chocolate...and books.)

The Book In My Bag Today: Heartsick, Chelsea Cain


  1. I haven't heard of this! But he's worth checking out in any case. lol. I don't know if it's the of year or what but I noticed a lot of fellow bloggers are feeling the pressure from mutliple outside forces at a time. At least I know I am.

  2. He might even be able to make me do what I'm supposed to for a little while. It's sort of a bonus that he's dirty. Good luck with your stuff!

  3. Yayyy for your new co-worker/friend. She know how to bring the goodies along with her, doesn't she ;-)
    Yummy boy.
    Loin cloth, not so sure of. But I guess if he came with it, a gal would be a fool to turn him away.

    Here's to you using him lol

    Heartsick? Re-read?

  4. I also accept chocolate and books ;)

    That picture sort of made me laugh. It kind of looks like he's wearing a diaper.

  5. KATIE - I think our muses all get Spring Fever, creating new projects and pulling us in different directions. I hope you'd had a good week. xo

    Thanks, HART. He was, ironically, very good at keeping me on task. So much so, I barely came back to the blog.

    JAMIE - I'm okay with the loin cloth :-) Yes, to re-read on Chelsea Cain. Helps with "Absolution" mentality, but also her new book comes out March 1 and I want to keep up to date. LOVE her.

    WW - You always find the less-than-awesome aspects of the pictures. LOL

    Suzanne - done! xo