Monday, December 13, 2010

An unlikely muse

I feel like I need to preface this post with a declaration. I actually don't find Leonardo DiCaprio attractive. Anymore.

Of course there was a time I had a front row seat on the Leo bandwagon, but posting a picture of when I *did* think he was hot seemed a little...awkward. That said, I recognize many women still find him sexy, so I'm not breaking the "hot guy muse avatar" self-imposed rule. To each their own, right?

But this weekend, I watched Inception.

Oh. My. Gosh.

How did I miss seeing this on the big screen? Perhaps because it starred Leo, who I haven't been impressed with in a while. Get out your daggers, but even Titanic didn't wow me like it did for most people. I admit to liking Blood Diamond, and a few others, but as a general rule, I avoid most movies with Russel Crowe or Leonardo DiCaprio. (I am ducking the double blast of arrows as I type...)

Leo impressed me in Inception.

Actually, everything about the movie impressed me. The concept was brilliant, the acting superb, and the lingering effect...staggering. I can't get it out of my head!

Which is why I find myself leaning on Leo for some writerly inspiration this week. In a few days, the Christmas holidays will officially begin, and although I plan on writing for most of the break, I know better than to bank on it. This will be the week I stare past the blank page. An opportunity to get the ball rolling...

Between Leo, and some heart-warming and absolutely amazing feedback from a dear friend on my current MS, I should be primed for creativity.

The Book in My Bag Today: Going Bovine, Libba Bray

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  1. haha! I used to love Leo too. Especially in Romeo and Juliet. Then er, I kinda went back to ogling Johnny Depp. Thanks for the plug, Sugar! :o)

  2. I happen to like Leo but not enough to have seen Inception. I'll check it out now. As for Russell Crowe, I NEVER jumped on that bandwagon and never will. (Alongside you,I'll gladly dodge any arrows coming my way.)

  3. Hrm...we rented Inception Saturday and...umm...we turned it off after about 1/2 hr. Too complicated for my taste!

  4. JESS - I LOVED Romeo and Juliet. I've tried to get my family to love that as well, but I think you need a basic like of Shakespeare... I always ogle Johnny Depp. Ha! And you're welcome.

    WENDY - I endorse Inception :-) And thank you - I don't feel alone in my anti-RC campaign anymore!

    CANDY - definitely on the heavy side and you'd have to be in the mood. I can see why you turned it off. Many did, I heard.

  5. I feel the same way about Leo! I despised Titanic and most everything after. But he got me with The Departed. Good stuff.

    I have yet to see Inception, but your review makes me want to.

  6. I think you've given Leo a bad rep. He's a great actor and I'm usually impressed with his movies (the biggest exception is The Beach). Give him a chance!

    Inception was definitely a great movie, though. :)

  7. I actually like Leo, but as an actor, not a pretty boy, so much. And Russell Crowe, NOT as an actor--he should just shut up and dance like I like *shifty* Russell and Gerard both have that limited range that is too far into machismo for me... much better to go dominatrix on them than let them behave as they normally would. I will have to check out Inception though--bet it would be a good family watch over the holidays (meaning we'd all like it, not that it's warm and fuzzy)

  8. that was a great movie! And yes he was impressive but I agree, he's a little too 'man-boy' for my taste.

  9. SUZANNE - worth it!

    KYLE - uh yeah, the Beach sucked :-) I have given him chances...many. Admittedly, after Inception, it's conceivable I'll give him more chances.

    HART - You seriously crack me up *shifty* I'd be more than eager to hear your thoughts on Inception :-D

    CREEPY - "man-boy", I couldn't have said it better myself!

  10. I was only turned on when he was in Titanic. And I think that was it.

    Oh wait, he was pretty hot in Romeo and Juliet too.