Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Making amends

In the beginning, there was Jensen Ackles.

The original muse avatar. The hottie that started it all.

It's been almost a year since I began selecting weekly muse avatars, and save for a few weeks and a couple of late starts, I've amassed an impressive list of inspirational guys (and a couple girls) to fuel my creative energy.

But I've been a bad blogger these past few weeks, friends. Ever since I headed out for holidays in August, I've been delinquent in pretty much everything - reading, writing, dancing. Distracted, I suppose, by other dreams I thought needed some extra TLC.

So today, I shall try to make amends.

Many of you have sent emails asking about my dancing adventures and while I have responded personally, I'll say it here: I have not given up. When the fall season begins, I will haul my butt back out of my comfort zone and give it my all. Until then, I hope to tackle a few of the "trial" sessions this week.

But, because I'm feeling ULTRA guilty about my crappy blogging this past month, and for Miss V - who made a special request for the following - I present this buffet of previous muse avatars. Hopefully this will make up for my delinquency? (Oh, the first to name each of my muses (real, not screen names) either in the comments or to my inbox at dawnmius@gmail.com) will win a special autographed picture of Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural...)

With the next (and best for reasons I can't disclose QUITE yet) season of Supernatural JUST around the corner, I'd be remiss if I didn't give a nod to the other (hot) demon hunter:

And of course, there were a number of "vampires" who caught my fancy:

A few musical muses:

A handful of my fave actors (though not necessarily for acting talent in all cases...just to be clear):

A magician:

And two sports hotties:

So... am I forgiven?

The Book In My Bag Today: Fragile Eternity, Melissa Marr


  1. Those pictures made my morning...now I have to go back and actually read what you wrote lol!

  2. Oh I think this will do nicely...

    Vin, and Gerard and Depp oh my!

  3. Ha! Forgiven, indeed.

    And may I say that Jensen Ackles is the PERFECT muse? I know he's married, but he only did that because he hasn't met me yet :)

    Thanks for the pictures!!

  4. Sawyer and Depp...... all a woman could ever ask for.

  5. oooohh major drool happening here.
    Slurp, nibble, licks and suckles


    looking forward to 'cutting up the dance floor with you, sugar. But not the mirrors.. sigh.

  6. Perfect. Great collection of muses...mind if I borrow?

    And while I appreciate the penance, never feel guilty about life getting in the way. It happens. You do a great job on your blogs. Great topics.

    Off to while the drool off the computer screen!

  7. Well I didn't see a BR80 in there, but I guess I'll let it slide:)

  8. Alicia - happy to have made your morning :-)

    Donna - I totally knew you'd pick those three. Muah. <3

    Amparo - I knew you were an Ackles fan. So sad he AND Sam married this year. I agree - he IS the perfect muse.

    RT - clearly not all THIS woman could ask for since I seem to change my mind weekly, but absolutely worth the *sigh*

    Jamie - you, uh, had me until suckles :-P Just kidding. Excited to dance with you this season, too. xo

    Thanks Tielle. I hope you have good wipes <3

    Candy - I was kind of worried about stepping on your toes, ya know. Seems like you've got that market sealed up tight. xo

  9. Absolutely forgiven! That was a mondo-dose of eye candy and makes me feel MUCH better (I am neglecting the food snacks, so the eye snacks become much more vital, ne?)

    May even have to go work off a little energy after that!

  10. Hart - I completely hear you on neglecting food snacks. If I can't have real candy, I may as well feed the eyes. And your eyes! Glad to be of service...

  11. Hot Damn! I'd say your forgiven! What a great blog post!

  12. WOW!!!!! Even better than I imagined.

    And to all those vampy hotties, I have two words:

    BITE ME. Please. (okay so that's three, but I thought I should be polite!)

  13. Thanks, Karen <3

    Vicki - anything else you'd like :-D (Kudos on the manners. Your momma taught you well...)

  14. Um YUMMY! I think I need to bookmark this post LOL!

    Glad to hear you aren't giving up (not that I would have let you Ha ha)! Hoping I see you on Thursday :)

  15. Jess - sadly, I can't make it Thursday night :-( But we should discuss my upcoming schedule.

    WW - why thank you :-) They are not only handsome, but also effective in the muse department.

  16. Ok here are the names!

    Jared Padalecki
    Kellan Lutz
    Cam Gigandet
    Ian Somerhalder
    Adam Lambert
    Jon Bon Jovi
    Brad Pitt
    Johnny Depp
    Jason Statham
    Gerard Butler
    Kiefer Sutherland
    Vin Diesel
    John Holloway
    Criss Angel
    David Beckham
    Joe Montgomery