Monday, September 20, 2010

CAMeo aMUSEment

My stepdaughter and checked out Easy A yesterday, a surprisingly funny chick flick. Though many of the actors were familiar to my teenager, including Emma Stone who plays Olive, the witty victim of high school's vicious rumour mill, most of the faces were new to me.

Except Cam Giganet.

His face I remember very well.

Apparently, Cam's starred in quite a few movies, though I mostly remember him as the bad-boy vampire from Twilight, James. (It's never been about Jacob or Edward for me.) In Easy A, Cam has a small part - almost a cameo - and despite those smoldering eyes and very nice arms, I mostly wanted to crawl under my seat in embarrassment for him. It's kind of a geeky role.

But I figure Cam's worth redemption, so I've recast him as this week's muse avatar.

However, I hope he forgives me in that when I refer to his image for my daily / minute-by-minute inspiration, I don't picture him as Micah in Easy A, but rather, like this:

Oh Stephanie, why-oh-why did you have to kill of James in the FIRST book?

The Book In My Bag Today: Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris


  1. Hope I'm not too old to say I agree with you, girl! Even though he's young enough to be my son, I wouldn't kick him out of bed.

  2. Wendy - If you're too old, I'm too old, so let's say we aren't! I find comfort in that my stepdaughter says he isn't cute because he's too old - and she's 14 :-)

  3. Good lord. Look at those abs!

    Dawn, your blog is like crack. ;)

  4. hubba hubba;) lol. There's mad inspiration in those smoldering eyes. (not to mentin the abs. I could write a poem)

  5. CQG - and you SHOULD write a poem. I'd read it :-)

  6. Going to see Easy A with hubs this weekend!

    LOVE checking out your weekly muse post. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  7. Vicki - you have to tell me what you think. We tried dragging hubby but he was not interested... I LOVED it.