Monday, May 10, 2010

Repeat performance

Ah, Brad. You've become such a nurturing soul.

Still sexy, obviously. But your very *hotness* isn't what makes the tabloids these days, but rather your commitment to Angelina and your nine (?) children.

I can understand.

In the past, you've shepherded my babies along as well. I love how you guided Cait to a deeper sense of her role. And Jagger is grateful you've taught her how to properly fire her weapon. Alas, Aeryn is still hanging out on construction sites, but seems to be staying out of trouble. You'd be impressed with Avery's new stilettos.

You see, something magical happened in that week you took on the role of muse avatar. I wrote a record number of words - one day topping the 35-page mark. You even managed to coax me into Genius Mode, where I stayed for the entire five days.

I'll be honest Brad, I need a repeat performance.

I'm on deadline again - you know how I procrastinate - and to make things more complex, I've added a couple more children to my brood. I'd love for you to meet them. After, of course, you help Cait become...unstuck.

I think she's in limbo.

She's had to change - again - and she's resisting. You remember how stubborn she can be, right? But you were able to crack her once.

So I'm asking for this favour in hopes you can do it again. Just one more week of your time. Consider it another chance to demonstrate your excellent parenting skills.


Oh - and I know this goes outside the boundaries of muse avatar, but my throat is still killing me, my head is pounding, and my tummy feels unsettled. I could use a bit of nurturing myself... I'm sure Angie won't mind. She seems like the understanding type.

The Book In My Bag Today: Savor the Moment, Nora Roberts


  1. ha!
    this post is awesome!
    i hope brad comes to the rescue, but i'm not so sure angie is all that understanding. if i were you, i'd watch my back, haha.

  2. LOL. Thanks Mi. Trust me, the eyes on the back of my head are WIDE open :-)

  3. I think Brad as Achilles should kick the stuffing out of your cold then stick around for nurturing. :D

  4. Thanks Donna! He was pretty darn amazing in Troy, wasn't he? xo

  5. Hahahaha!! Good luck getting Brad to listen and contribute! :D

  6. Hilarious. But hey, whatever works for ya, works for ya, right? ; )

  7. B - you doubt my persuasiveness? I'm crushed ;-)

    Thanks Suzanne. My weekly muse selection makes Mondays better :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Dawn, thanks for stopping by 'Lemons'. I am thrilled that you are nejoying my ramblings. I signed up to follow Through the Looking Glass. An Alice fan (and namesake), I love the inference. Cheers!


  9. Thanks for coming by, Alice. When I was growing up, my Mom used to call me Alice because of my love for the book, and my continuous state of day dreaming. Look forward to getting to know you better through your awesome blog :-)

  10. If Brad comes through, you gotta let us know!! What a fun post :)

  11. Hey there Beautiful....I hope you did deep and find all the insperation you need to meet your dead line...If i could take the week off to do the things you need to meet your deadline for your agent i would....I send all my love in your direction to help guide you all the way to success....I BELEIVE IN YOU... Love your husband.

  12. it! We've gotta take our inspiration wherever we can get it!

  13. Jaydee, if Brad comes through I'll be telling EVERYONE about it :-)

    Ah anonymous husband, I love you :-) Thanks for always being my *true* muse.

    Thanks Miss V. Sometimes I have to dig deep for inspiration. It's nice when it comes with a sexy smile...

  14. What a sexy muse you got there!! I gotta get me one of those!!Mine's more like a female librarian type...ugh! Hope you feel better and Thx for your kind comments about my internal conflict post!! Made me smile!

  15. I tend to lean toward sexy muses, SS. And since I switch him up every Monday, I have a great variety - all of whom I can lend out if you're interested :-) So glad I made you smile - it was a great post!