Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book 31 - Imitation in Death

Somebody get me a bucket of ice water - Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb) sure can write a love scene.

I'm pretty sure I've read Imitation in Death before but it's been a while, and after finding a treasure trove of In Death books at a recent used book sale, I'm giving up on trying to go in order - I can never remember where I left off in the series.

Not to worry, though. If you're familiar with this series (and I'll go on record to say you should be), you know exactly what I mean when I say that Roarke is an amazing male specimen. The chemistry between him and Eve is extraordinary - something I never fail to note with each of the books in this series. And of course, Eve is a brilliant character. Sigh.

But then, you'll notice I tend to gush over Nora a lot. She's such a smooth writer, and her grasp on human relationships is wonderful. Whether it's her J.D. Robb books or her straight up romances, Nora knows how to evoke intense emotion. No surprise several parts in this novel brought tears to my eyes.

The In Death series is set in the future where Pepsi comes in tubes and people commute in hovercrafts. Real food (and coffee) is reserved for the rich and planet hops are as common as taking a vacation to Hawaii. In Imitation in Death we're transported back in time - though not physically. The villain is imitating famous historical killers, starting with Jack the Ripper.

The thriller writer in me is fascinated with the methods of muderers (famous or not), and most of the killers imitated in this book are somewhat familiar to me. Still, I loved the modern twists. (And Karen, darling, if you have NOT read this one, you need to...)

There's a (small) piece of me that would love to try my hand at a police procedural, but I doubt I have the skill to weave together the parts of the puzzle with any kind of authenticity. Luckily, there's enough books in this series to quench my need.

The Book In My Bag Today: Dead Frog on a Porch, Jan Markley


  1. Hmmmmm....

    Not sure I agree. I find Eve too far over the top for me, and I'm still smarting at Nora Roberts for the 'Strangers In Death' novel I read. It was a revamped "Strangers on a Train." Of course, who am I to argue with a National Bestselling Author of such magnitude?

  2. Honestly my dear...I have only read Guilty in Death...I am guilty of not really experiencing the JD Robb effect. :)

  3. Donna - I don't remember Strangers in Death, or even if I read it. But I love Eve. I actually don't find her over the top, except occasionally. But I tend to forgive it because it's Nora... And yeah, I'd kill for her career!

    Karen - I think you need to come rob my JD ROBB books. xo

  4. Holy smokes I totally agree....I love the JD Robb series....and have read everyone of them. I am looking forward to the new paperback one coming out this summer I believe. Nora Roberts rocks....

  5. i've never read nora roberts, no matter which name she is writing under.

    i have to say, though, this definitely interests me! i'll have to put it on my "to read" list!

  6. Interesting!

    I may have to check the book out.

  7. Oh I´d totally give it a shot! We can play a lot as writers, Im certain you could write a thriller! Great book tips by the way =)

  8. Sue-ber - you're read ALL of them? I'm impressed. Yes, Nora does indeed rock. xo

    Mi - now that you've finished Spanking Shakespeare, maybe you could indulge in a Nora :-)

    WW - Start with Naked in Death!

    Clara - thriller I'm ok with, it's the technical side of the police procedural that gives me pause :-)