Monday, May 24, 2010

Muse packing it in

It's a sad day for me, folks.

After eight seasons of 24, Kiefer Sutherland is packing it in - no more 24-hour ticking time bombs, no shuddering plot twists, no agonizing love scenes with women who just die anyway, no more shouting, torturing and shooting.

No. More. Jack Bauer.


Sexy Ian had his hands full last week as my muse after the mishap (linked here for you because hey, I like torture) and while he honestly came through, I need an avatar with a bit more aggression if I want to see these revisions across the finish line (again).

I figure after tonight, Kiefer's going to be bored. That post-24 feeling - a little lost, a little sad, a little stir crazy. I have no doubt I'll be able to relate.

So, maybe Kiefer and I could help each other out.

He's been my muse avatar a few times (much to my handsome hubby's head shaking dismay) but he does such a good job. He's hard on me, like he is with terrorists. He knows just how to break me - right before the breakdown. And well, yeah, I'm kind of crushing on him.

No writing tonight, though. You'll find me with a box of kleenex on the couch watching my modern-day MacGyver bring closure to eight seasons of ridiculous and brilliant television. It's ok if you don't agree - I'm not likely to share him :-)

The Book In My Bag Today: Imitation in Death, J.D. Robb


  1. aw, sorry dawn!

    you know, i of ALL people, totally understand being upset when things come to an end!

  2. Definitely!

    I live in fear of Bruce and the rest of Iron Maiden's final album. (Cringing)

  3. Mi - I figured you could relate :-) Thanks for the support.

    Donna - I can understand your pain! xo

  4. Well.. he is kinda yummy.. I can't blame ya one bit.. I wish I could use him..idk

  5. I'm sorry.

    I felt the same way when Lost ended.

  6. Awe- I never followed 24 but its always sucky when a good story comes to an end...

  7. I have never seen 24...but understand your obsession with Jack and the show. Its like my obsession with Mark Harmon's character on NCIS....the season ender is tonight...sigh

  8. Sugar, I'll share :-)

    WW - I fell off the Lost bandwagon after season 1 BUT as just given the first three seasons on DVD. I suspect I'll go on a Sawyer bender now.

    CQG - thanks, sunshine.

    Sue - I forgot you like that show. Mark is definitely worth a second look. xo

  9. I thought I posted a comment here a few days ago. Did it not work? Hmm. That makes me wonder how often these things don't go through. Ugh.

    Anyhoo, my comment was, Keifer is a good choice for a muse. I saw him at the mall once. My friend and I were tempted to follow him... ; )

  10. Suzanne - my comments have been disappearing lately. So strange.
    *cough* You didn't follow?! I would have been arrested for harassment I'm sure! Love. Love. LOVE. Him.

  11. I never did get into 24 (no time for tv in general), but I always said I'd try to catch it on DVD.

  12. Kiefer will always be the bad vampire in Lost Boys to me! hahaha. Would you believe I've never seen even ONE episode of 24? It ought to be a crime...

  13. Crimey - the first season was great and there are a few very good seasons inbetween. Sadly, there are a couple of seasons I wish they'd never done. This past one was worth it though.

  14. Vicki - I TOTALLY agree. I LOVED him in Lost Boys. And because you know him - and loved him - from Lost Boys, I won't arrest you for never seeing 24 :-)

  15. Awwww, after looking at the photo you posted of Keifer, I wish I had watched the show. Yes, I am one of the few who never saw one episode!

    Stay strong, your memories of 24 will last forever... :(

  16. New follower, here. Hello! I came by way of B.Miller's blog :)

    I never watched 24, but I am a huge LOST fan so I feel your pain! What will we do now that our favorite shows are over? The next big thing is around the corner, of that I'm certain!

    I look forward to reading more from you!

  17. Thanks Julie. Yes, that IS a great photo of him. I have several :-)

    Welcome Nicole. I wish I'd stuck it out for the whole Lost series. Gosh knows Sawyer was enough of a draw :-) We'll take the summer to mourn our favourite shows - and maybe discover something even better in the fall!