Thursday, April 15, 2010

A dear Jon letter

Dear Jon:

Forgive me for being so brazen.

It's just that I've had a terrible writing week. The words aren't flowing. I'm having some issues with PP's (though I don't expect as an accomplished songwriter you'd struggle with that), and my metaphors are a little shaky. Bordering on cliche, if I want to get honest.

And I do. Want to get honest, that is.

You see, I select a new muse avatar every week, the likes of which have included Shaun Sipos, Brad Pitt, a couple of sexy vampires, Kiefer Sutherland (cough...three times...), and even my handsome husband. But this past Monday came and went - the ritual somehow...forgotten?

And now I'm paying the price.

Jagger is in a bit of hot water. She's not a superhero (though, Dear Jon, you and I appear to share a mutual love of Superman. Nice, um, tat) but I've asked her to perform super human feats this week. Not being one to hold back, she's begun to complain. Loudly.

I fear the only way to shut her up is to satisfy the muse.

He needs a face - and yours is certainly a handsome one. I've always thought that - even when you looked like this:

Back then, we ALL had big hair. Secretly, I wanted yours - I could never quite achieve the right back combing effect. But, as you see, my love has lasted much longer than extra hold hairspray.

Though, since I'm being honest, I admit there was that itty bitty crush I had for Rikki Rockett.

I blush to think of it now - all of the posters on my wall, how I changed all of the lyrics to songs (yes, even YOUR songs) to profess my love for Rikki, how much money I spent on concert after concert only to have him point that blasted drum stick at some other woman.

But that crush (eventually) went away, while my love for you, Jon, continued to grow. Nay, continues to grow.

You've matured over the years,  transitioning into a sexy modern rocker who looks like this:

And this: (Again...nice hair...)

You've taken some risks - like that interesting foray into country and western a few years back - demonstrating the need for creative people to step. out. of their comfort zone.

When other rockers - not mentioning any names - were singling out backstage beauties for after-the-show indiscretions, you called your wife. Loyalty is becoming an increasingly rare trait, and yet you and Dorothy have stood the test of time. (I accept this. Honest. Bravo!)

As if that wasn't enough, your latest endeavor is even more impressive. Not only are you offering new, undiscovered talent to open for THE Bon Jovi during your Circle tour, you are also opening your wallet for local charities - $10,000 and a chance to meet YOU. It is these random acts of kindness that further endear you to me.

So, dear Jon, it is with great pride I crown you this week's muse avatar.


A tremendous fan

PS - Over the years, I've rocked out at almost a dozen Bon Jovi concerts. It pains me greatly to miss your latest tour. 

The Book In My Bag Today: Smoke Screen, Sandra Brown


  1. Hmmmm......
    Not a fan of his music, but wow! What a

  2. Let's talk "Shot through the heart..." Close enough, right?

  3. Donna - he does have a

    Glinda - I had to laugh at the song title you chose to cite. Aside from being one of their most popular, it is also the title one of my friends strongly suggests I name my current WIP. I'm an 80s girl at heart :-)

  4. Laurie - yup, definitely a hottie.