Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday muse(s)

You know, my friends really "get" me.

Understanding that I spend painstaking hours every Monday picking out my weekly writing muse, a few of them decided to spare me of that torture on my birthday - and send a couple of options for my perusal.

I know! So. Sweet.

I actually love balloons.

In fact, you could fill a room with them, with or without helium, and I'd be a happy birthday girl. I like all shapes and sizes and colours - but as I'm sure you can is nice.

I'm not a big drinker by nature (anymore... stop snickering Ryan!) but I don't mind the occasional beverage.

Typically, I'm more of a  Budweiser or whiskey type gal, but I can absolutely see the advantages of vodka.

How about you?

And of course, what birthday wouldn't be complete without a little Jack Bauer? Not mine, that's for sure.

Kiefer will be my birthday present to myself tonight - after handsome hubby cooks me a great meal and I bribe my stepdaughter to paint my toenails (ha ha), I'll settle in for another exciting episode of 24. Bliss.
I'm so grateful my friends "get me" - thanks so much for the great gifts!

As for this week's muse's my birthday and I'm allowed to be greedy. I think I'll take all three.