Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rewrite. Ugh.

I've been called lazy before, and not just by my Nona.

My writing mentors have accused me of relying too much on the muse and not enough on personal drive. I'm not going to deny it, because then I'd be lying. I'm not so much a fan of writing as I am a fan of "having written."

As a result, I tend to write when the voices in my head have become unbearable, or the money carrot has been dangled. And more than anything, I despise re-writing.

At least I did.

But one query letter changed my mind. My dream agent called to tell me he loved my book - almost. He was ready to offer representation - almost. And he wanted to pitch the book to a publisher next month - if I agreed to a few minor changes.

Not minor.

He loved the main story thread. Complimented the characters, my writing style. There was just something about the sub plots, he said, that seemed a little...lame. 


I took a day to stew and then accepted that he was right. In truth, the sub plots had always seemed a little...lame. Instead of recognizing the cheese factor and fixing it, I was content to go along with the general consensus that the book was good. And ready.

Good. Maybe. Great? Not even close.

I want it to be great. 

And so with much trepidation I called back my dream agent and told him I would succumb to his rewrite prison. That I would brainstorm new sub plots, eliminate the cheese factor, and certainly not present him with a "lame" revised draft. I promised to set all other projects aside (sorry Jagger) and have ready, by the end of the month, a new and improved Absolution. 

And now I must eat crow. 

This new version of Absolution is firmly rooted in thriller. The characters come alive from the page, and the sub plots intertwine with a much fuller, more exciting main plot. Instead of dreading the rewrite, I am inspired by it. 

So I guess instead of hating you Mr. Dream Agent, I owe you an apology. I think it will come in the form of a kick-ass book. 

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