Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Backwards summer

By this time of year, I'm normally cursing where I live and begging the cooler temperatures to stay away - but then, I'm usually still basking in the afterglow of Hawaii.

I didn't get to go to the Maui Writer's Conference this year. I missed Thrillerfest. And though I won a contest that would get me to a great workshop in New York, it doesn't look as though I'll be getting on that plane either. It hasn't been a great year for career development. 

I decided this morning that I've been wallowing in that too long, and it's time to shed the negativity and look at all of the positive things this backwards summer has inspired:

  • I am now married to my high school sweetheart;
  • I am a new stepmom to an amazing 13-year-old girl;
  • The friends I've made in Hawaii or New York are STILL my friends, even when we don't talk everyday;
  • My dream agent has asked for ABSOLUTION;
  • My sister and I have strengthened our friendship;
  • I have amazing friends who care about what I write - and ask to see pages everyday; and
  • I have a kick-ass critique group that allows me to be a writer and embrace all it entails.
So I missed out on a few turkey burgers this year - I'll leave extra room for them in 2010. (Because, let's face it, I can take the high road this time, but no way I'm missing out on the conference next year.)

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