Monday, September 28, 2009

Making Mondays more a"muse"ing (gag)

I'm generally not a fan of Mondays. But ever since I decided to change the "face" of my muse each week, Mondays are looking a little brighter.

This Monday I'm going with Damon from the new drama series Vampire Diaries. I confess to jumping on the vampire bandwagon, though my own writing hasn't strayed there - yet. 

I'm hooked on J.R. Ward's sexy vampire books, enjoyed Stephanie Myers' Twilight series, am saddened by the end of True Blood (watch for Eric as an upcoming muse), and now, have another reason to look forward to Thursday nights. 

Damon isn't just another pretty face. Okay, maybe he is, but he looks pretty darn impressive even when he's vamping out. He out-vamps his somewhat wimpy co-star, and he's got that hair I just want to twirl my fingers through. 

And in this picture - which I chose after much deliberation and considerable scrolling through  Google images - he has that whole cocky smirk going on. Yummy.

Yup, pretty certain Damon is exactly the kind of inspiration I'm looking for this week.


  1. He's definitely yummy,although at my advanced age, I feel a little cougarish for leering. But don't worry. Somehow I'll get over it. :)

  2. Don't worry sugar, I won't pass judgement :-)

  3. Pretty face through he may be, I can't get past his bad acting... I cringe whenever he talks, honestly.


  4. My muse isn't required to talk :-p