Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sticks and stones

Go ahead, start calling me names.

I accept that posting "three hot guys"  as muse avatar(s) might be considered...greedy. Selecting them for no other reason than for their very hotness may even be deemed...shallow.

It's all good. I've heard it before and I accept your name calling. Sticks and stones and all that cliched jazz.

But truth be told, I've got a lot on tap this week. Two short stories to complete, final edits on the thriller to submit, pages for my crit partner, and yeah, a whole bunch of work for the new company I started with the awesome Judith Graves. (You think I'm busy? Check this superstar out...and then head on over to our company website to see how BRIDGE might be able to help you...)

With so much on the go, it seems logical - even brilliant - to stack the odds in my favour. Jensen Ackles  (Supernatural's Dean) was my very first muse avatar. Ian Somerhalder (Damon on the Vampire Diaries) practically set a record last year with the number of times he made the cut. And Paul Wesley (Stephan, also of Vampire Diaries) is least on this blog. (And it should be noted that while I appreciate the aesthetics, there is truly only one vamp on VD that can bite me.) 

Still trying to figure out how I'm justifying three muse avatars? Let's examine the week's projects in priority:  final edits to my "first" thriller (Jensen), a return to my ongoing paranormal/adventure/romance (Ian) and plotting/character development/first few chapters of a plethora of new projects (Stephen).

Of course these three don't cover off for the groaning WIP pile of collaboration projects and various other creative pursuits...but to add a bunch more "hot guys" muse avatars might be considered... greedy ;-)

- Dawn

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