Monday, October 18, 2010

Hands Off my Muse(s)

Every Monday when I post a muse avatar, my handsome husband puts up a little fuss. 

He's really not the jealous type, but he's made more than one snide comment about my choices, especially when I select Kiefer Sutherland or Ian Sommerhalder. If we allowed each other a celebrity "list" Kiefer and Ian would sit at the top of mine.

My defence has always been that the muse avatar isn't about celebrity crushes (with few exceptions) but how I think they can inspire my writing.

Which is why I had no choice but to make hubby and his beautiful daughter this week's muses. Truthfully, without either of them this weekend, final edits on ABSOLUTION wouldn't be complete.

My husband always stands firmly in my corner, and though he isn't one to "read" the book, he makes sure I have the tools to get things done. On Saturday, he took over the domestic duties and spruced up my dungeon office to give me a safe zone for creation. When my mood took a downward turn due to stress, he took me out for a well-deserved break.

And my amazing stepdaughter... Wow. If not for her sitting beside me, talking me through each edit and checking off the completed pages, I would have been tempted to crawl into bed and sleep. Instead, the book was e-mailed where it needed to be, my house is clean, and I'm spending today being fed chicken noodle soup by handsome hubby and sleeping off the nasty head cold that surfaced sometime yesterday.

Yes, I am a lucky girl.

There's a million projects in my idea factory, and with ABSOLUTION finally off my plate, I should be able to work on them. But not today. Today I'm going to spend time being taken care of by the best muses a girl could ask for.

I'm confident they'll keep me motivated for the rest of the week, too.

The Book In My Bag Today: Another One Bites the Dust, Jennifer Rardin


  1. To my BEAUTIFUL wife you deserve the best life has to offer and you will always have the best.... Aydra and myself have had the best for the past three years since we have had you in our LIFES... We ALWAYS WILL LOVE YOU...

  2. Awe :) well of corse ill be here to help you throughout wrighting your book no matter what ! Love you <3

  3. Aww LOVE the picture! You are lucky!

  4. Oh, how nice! I wish my hubby could really get behind the writing. Once in a while he will do or say something (bought me champagne when I got my deal) but mostly he just resents the fact that the writing makes me neglectful of home and family.

  5. Aw! That is so sweet! How great you have them both. =)

  6. Gasp! Comments rom HUSBAND and AYDRA?! I think I might be in shock. Love you two <3

    Thanks, CANDY. And yes, I am.

    HART - champagne is a good start. It's taken a bit for my husband to see my writing as a real job but I think that's normal for writers. Sigh.

    Thanks, CAROLYN :-)

  7. A husband. Now that is what I am missing. Muse be damned. Cheers!